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Welcome and Navigating:


Thanks for your interest in the #SLAA Online Group website and meetings.   Whether you are a newcomer or a “longtimer”, we are glad you found us and are here.  Below are instructions on how to navigate this website and how to connect to the online meetings.  We also provide links to some resources that may be of help to you in your recovery.  If you want to know more than is shared here, please visit the many links located to the left under "Contents" or contact us at

* Please be advised that our room requires that you be at least 18 years old to participate*

Meeting Times

The #SLAA Online Group is a registered group (#10525021) with the Augustine Fellowship, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Fellowship Wide Services, Inc.  We currently have three meetings every day at 12 noon, 4:30 pm and 10 pm US Eastern Time.  To see the current list, click on the “Meeting Times” link to the left of every webpage.

Information about IRC and how to connect to chat

For a detailed summary of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and connection instructions, click on the “Connecting To Chat” link to the left of every webpage.  There you will find an overview of IRC, servers, connecting with only a web browser, and common commands.  There are also separate pages there for more specific information about mIRC.  If you are needing more information about mIRC, you can find it at and from the help menu within that software.

If you need technical assistance once connected to StarLink-IRC.Org, the two channels that are most often attended by staff are #channels for administration of CStar and Channel Service, and #terranova for general help and administration assistance (these rooms are NOT for recovery chat). Some resource for StarLink-IRC.Org information is their website ( or click on the “StarLink-IRC Info” link to the left of every webpage.

#SLAA is always open 24/7, so you can often find other recovery friends chatting informally there between meetings. CStar is always present in the room — it is a computer “bot,” and doesn’t talk back.  If CStar is the only nickname you see, then the room is empty.  If CStar isn’t in the #slaa room and you have never connected to our room before, you are likely connecting to a server other that StarLink-IRC.Org.

For information on the “rules of the room” (our behavior guidelines), click on the “Guidelines for Meetings, Behavior & Problems” link to the left of every webpage.  To find out what some of the common expressions, abbreviations, and “emoticons” used in our rooms mean, click on the “Abbrev. & Acronyms” link to the left of every webpage.

If you need further help with connecting, please write us at

Some helpful recovery resources

These sites offer a great deal of information about sexual addiction:

If you need to know about local f2f (“face to face” or “live”) meetings in your local area, please contact SLAA Fellowship-Wide Services by going to their website at or emailing

A short history of our Online Group may be found at link “Online Group History” to the left.

Feel free to write us at if you have any questions or comments about being able to connect online or need to know something that is not covered on our website. Our Trusted Servants will be glad to help you.

Welcome to #SLAA Online Group, and Keep Coming Back.

The Trusted Servants of #SLAA Online Group