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Creative Submissions:

One of the fruits of recovery is a new-found healthy use of our time and talents.  This page is dedicated to works that have been contributed by our members.  As it grows, it can include paintings, speaker shares, poetry, prose, short stories, or any other examples of our new life in recovery. 

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Plumeria by Lotus

The Photo I took that inspired the painting above

SunTrees by Lotus

The Photo I took that inspired the above painting

Sedona by Lotus

BackYard Roses by Lotus


My Latest painting, I call it the "Seat of God" by Lotus 9/12/06

Here is the photo that inspired it



You Are Not My Partner

You are not my partner.
You are the mountain
And the icy wind.

I climb
And I learn about balance.
I fall
When I thought that I was moving forward.
I learn about myself.

Deep crevasses of pain
Where only God guides me out,
The lifeline of faith.

I learn about the mountain
Only where I’ve been,
The torturous journey.

You are not my partner.


Beth S.





Here are six drawings by Tabby
















Poem by christina


A Crisp Fall Day 

A cool fall breeze gently passing through rattling the leaves on the trees as some fall to the ground

In the background you can hear children laughing as they jump through piles of leaves

The sound of leaf blowers can be heard up and down the street

The beautiful leaves that fall from the trees, golden yellow, red, and brown are even more beautiful when the moonlight shines through the trees and leaves shadows on the ground

Then come the trucks picking up the leaves and the children look with amazement to see how fast the leaves disappear after it took so long to make them into piles

The fall crisp air smells so fresh and it brings in a relief of cool air just makes you smile to know that fall is finally here





Submission by jamie 

In recovery, I am learning about the many ways in which my principles have been ineffective.

It’s mind boggling!

That I used addictions as bandaids to cover up my feelings for most of my life.

That I have used codependent traits to manipulate to get what I want for most of my life.

That I let my codependent mother, my HP, make all of my decisions for me for most of my life.

That I made my Q my HP and all of my values were lost and became his.

That I have been living in fear my whole life.

That I have acted as a child all of my life.

It is so great to learn that there is a better way. That there are resources now that weren’t there before.

Recovery is eye opening in so many ways!

I am finally starting to use boundaries.

I am feeling my feelings instead of acting out.

I am taking care of my life like an adult.

I am learning what my real values are.

I am choosing who I want in my life and who I DON’T want in my life.

I am being patient and knowing that full recovery is not going to happen overnight.

I am accepting myself and everyone else.

I am learning that I am not an alien and what I’ve felt my whole life has been felt by others too.

I am thinking about my intentions before doing anything.

I am learning that I can’t do it alone.

I am learning to love myself!

Relax ... and enjoy the ride!