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#SLAA Online Group History:

The #SLAA Online Group was started January 30, 1996 when a recovering addict saw the need for a "safe" chat room.  At that time he frequented the sexual addiction newsgroups and began posting a notice every day of a chat room meeting, giving the address and time, and offering to provide users with complete information on how they could obtain the needed software and setup information.  There was a good steady response, and people began showing up for the weekly meeting.  We wish to thank JohnR for his courage; he passed away mid-2001 sexually sober.

In time, he began to recruit leaders and had about 10 leaders who operated the room.  December 17, 1997 he migrated to for the chat meetings.  He then began expanding the schedule one night at a time until there were meetings every night.

There has always been a good steady response to the meetings, and many new and lasting recovery contacts have been formed there.  The meetings have been very beneficial to those who take part.  In early 1999, the room was more formally organized into yearly-elected officers who have maintained the schedule of daily meetings and added daytime meetings, as well as one more convenient for Australians and New Zealanders.  In January 2002, Women's Meetings were also added.  The group also holds regularly scheduled Members’ Business Meetings (on the first Tuesday of every month) and maintains a website with information, links and archives of the prior business meeting minutes.  An Anorexia Meeting was added in August 2003.

We have many regularly scheduled meetings each week, to accommodate a variety of time zones and personal schedules.  The meeting times (listed in US Eastern Time) are listed by using the “Meeting Times” link to the left.

Our scheduled meeting format currently includes mostly Open Share meetings and some Step and Tradition Topic meetings. Occasionally we also have a First Step Share or a Speaker Meeting in place of our regularly scheduled meeting topic. Throughout the month of January of every year we have several days of Speaker Meetings to celebrate the anniversary of our room which is 1/30/96.  On the first Tuesday of every month we also have a business meeting.

This is a great place to spend your recovery time in between face-to-face meetings or if no meetings are nearby.  We are all friends, and welcome all newcomers and longtimers alike.  Some of our members gain long-lasting sponsors or recovery partners from their attendance online.  We have a group of trusted servants who “carry” the meeting materials and help lead meetings or greet newcomers “at the door.”  This service work is one of the tools of recovery.

If you need any help getting to the #SLAA Online Group meeting room on IRC, a channel on the porn-free servers of the server group, simply write to our support staff at for a speedy personal reply.  This email address is checked frequently by one of several trusted servants and we are glad to provide specific help should you need it.