Business Meeting Minutes 12/6/2011

· Reviewed and approved Treasurer's report
· Reviewed and approved November Minutes
· Report made by Liaison

Old Business:

New Business:

*New Op: Sean8 was approved

*Motion: to create a Bulletin Board for the purpose of having an "informed group conscious" as described on page 26 of the AA pamphlet "The AA Group" and as described at: and that the SLAA Online officers have a free hand in setting it up. *MOTION WAS NOT APPROVED*


*Motion: For the purposes of recognition and security in the room each Member shall choose one nickname upon entering our community for the first time. This name must be a name that is not being used by another member in the room.

It may come to your attention later that the name you have chosen is already in use, and you may be asked to change your name by an Op.

Lastly, we ask that each Member use their name, and only their name while in the room, and avoid changing names, in order to avoid confusion to others and to the ops who have to verify identities in the room. Only in compelling circumstance may a name be changed. *MOTION WAS APPROVED*