Business Meeting Minutes 11/1/11


. Reviewed and approved Treasurer's report
· Reviewed and approved October Minutes
· Report given by Liaison

Old Business:

Motion was made: that the default promises in our end script be changed from the Daytona group modified promises, to the promises found in our basic text, but that all three versions of the promises (A.A, S.L.A.A., and Daytona Modified ) be made available in the scripts for Operator discretion and use.* MOTION WAS APPROVED*

New Business:

*New Ops: Russell, Tara, Jonathan *ALL WERE APPROVED*

Motion: On Saturday and Sunday, a 4:30 meeting be established, and added to the schedule. *MOTION WAS APPROVED*

*Next business meeting to be held during the night time December 6th at 9pm EST in #slaa2