SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2
Minutes for December 4th 2018 at 9 pm ET


troy moderated the meeting.


Serenity Prayer



@troy> Motion: Robert's Rules of Order are to be used in biz Meetings (3/11/99).


Read and approve December agenda - Link on website homepage - APPROVED


Read and approve November minutes - APPROVED


Read and approve Treasurer's report  - APPROVED


Read and review Liaison Officer's report


Op Applications



Old Business



New Business

Motion from NancyD re SLAA Online Scripts - APPROVED 

Motion: SLAA Online Scripts may be used only by Group Conscience approved SLAA Online trusted servants and only in the SLAA Online channels.

Motivation: To avoid confusion as to who is actually a Group Conscience approved SLAA Online Op with moderator capabilities, especially for newcomers who are not familiar with the trusted servants. Also, to help prevent the use of the SLAA Online scripts by members of other recovery rooms.


10 Minute Open Forum

troy discussed November Gratitude Month donations. We sent $146 to SLAAFWS


Serenity Prayer


Meeting adjourned