Business Meeting Minutes 11/06/12

· Reviewed and approved Treasurer's report
· Reviewed and approved October Minutes

Old Business:

New Business:

*New Ops: *Sue R- APPROVED, Melissa - APPROVED, KaRiN - APPROVED



That at our monthly meetings we give the membership an opportunity to voice concerns and raise questions beyond the meetings resolutions of the day. The time should not exceed ten minutes and no member may have more than two minutes to express such opinions. *PASSED*

*Approved by the following Roberts Rules Of Order
Edition 11, page 400, article 44

As stated on page 4, the basic requirement for approval of an action or choice by a deliberative assembly, except where a rule provides otherwise.The word majority, “more than half” and when the term majority vote is used without qualification-as in the case of a basic requirement-it means more than half of the votes cast by persons entitled to vote, EXCLUDING BLANKS OR ABSTENTIONS at a regular or properly called meeting.