Minutes 11/3/09

Reviewed Robert's Rules of Order for Conducting the meeting: http://slaaonline.org/RobertRules.htm

Reviewed and approved agenda

Review and approved minutes:

Reviewed and approved treasurer's report: http://slaaonline.org/money.html

Report on- Website

Report - from Liaison

Old Business:
· Forming a committee to create guidelines on idling rules and consequences, for doing so

New Business:

New ops
ArtZ (Couldn't be present, read his letter: http://slaaonline.org/Agenda/agenda110309/op_letters/2009-11-03_artz.html ) He was approved

Announced VJ's resignation and Kenny's Resignation

The group decided to open nominations up for the month of November for Chair and Co-Chair, and voting would take place in the month of December, and the group voted in Lotus as acting Chair