SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2
Minutes November 1st 2016

Open with Serenity Prayer

Read and approve November agenda - Passed

Announcements: Lotus has offered to stand up as acting Co-Chairperson until the vacant post is filled.

Motion: To approve Lotus as acting Co-Chairperson until the vacant post is filled. Motion passed.

Read and approve October minutes - Passed

Read and approve Treasurer's report - Passed

Read and review Liaison Officer's report (unchanged since last month) - no vote needed


Old Business



New Business


Op application



WRC/troy's Motion: Revised webpage - Links

On the SLAAOnline website:

Replace webpage: Links

with revised webpage: Links

- see files: #SLAA Online Group of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous - Links (Resources) - corrections in red - anon 161015

Link to files:

Note: Approval means approval of both tracked changes and any WRC recommended changes in comments.

Motivation: Website revision as directed by Group Conscience, done by Website Review Committee and clarified by Officer Group.

Note: Suggest that the motion is voted on at BM without detailed revision discussion, as this has already been done extensively in the WRC/Officer Group revision process.

Motion passed.


10 minutes Open Forum

Christina offered help if needed locating needed links.

troy asked after reports of anything on our website that does not work for mobile devices.


Closed with Eleventh Step Prayer