SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2
Minutes Sepember 6th 2016

Open with Serenity Prayer

Read and approve September agenda - Passed

Announcements: Secretary Officer post currently vacant

Read and approve August minutes - Passed

Read and approve Treasurer's report - Passed

Read and review Liaison Officer's report - no vote needed


Old Business

Op application - Libra - approved

Op application - SamanthaC - request fell due to non-attendance


New Business


Op application

Lily-mia not present - application tabled to next meeting.


WRC/troy's Motion: Revised webpage - Readings-Literature

On the SLAAOnline website:

Replace webpage: Readings-Literature with revised webpage:


- see files: #SLAA Online Group of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous - Readings-Literature - withcorrections in red - anon 160820

Link to files

Note: Approval means approval of both tracked changes and any WRC recommended changes incomments.

Motivation: Website revision as directed by Group Conscience, done by Website ReviewCommittee and clarified by Officer Group.

Motion approved.


NancyD's Motion:

Addendum to the Op application process

If a member fails to show up at the business meeting in which the agenda shows their application for OP status is scheduled to be voted upon, they are considered disqualified and must re-apply to be voted upon at the next business meeting.

If a member, even after re-applying for OP status, fails to show up for three (3) consecutive business meetings to be voted upon as an OP, that member is considered disqualified and must wait three (3)months before applying again.

This guideline may be waived if a majority of Officers agree that the member presents a valid and compelling reason for being absent for one business meeting. In such case, the member's application forOP status will be tabled and carried over to the following business meeting only.

Clarification: In short, this addendum's intention says 'Apply to OP and show up at next business meeting,or start the process over again' .... period, end of discussion.

Motion withdrawn by presenter.


troy's Motion: Liaison with SLAA groups

Send out to all SLAA groups with email addresses registered with SLAA FWS an email with information and flyer about SLAA Online.

Link to email and flyer documents

Motivation: Many members of SLAA groups are it seems currently unaware of SLAA Online, which with its easy availability and frequent meetings could possibly be an additional resource of help for more SLAA recoverers. This motion aims to help increase awareness of SLAA Online’s existence amongst other SLAA Group recoverers. If passed, we can share the workload of emailing out as appropriate toavailable individual trusted servants. Motion submitted after discussion and agreement with LiaisonOfficer.

Motion approved.


Lotus's Motion: Donation to SLAA FWS

Send $200.00 Group donation to SLAA FWS World Services.

Motion approved.


Motion to adjourn (no meeting time left) was made and passed.


Closed with Serenity Prayer