Business Meeting Minutes 09/04/12

· Reviewed and approved Treasurer's report
· Reviewed and approved July Minutes


Old Business:

New Business:

*New Ops: *Nick O - approved


Guideline # 14
Remaining in a room while not at your computer for long periods can under certain circumstances be considered an invasion of privacy. If an operator considers this a problem you will be kicked. If a member has been idle (away from keyboard) for more than 30-minutes if a meeting is about to start, or between meetings if a member is sharing a very personal story, and 60 minutes in between meetings, so as to protect privacy in the room. Ops should query prior to kicking. ( please note the reason for this policy is that an unmonitored computer can be viewed by anyone passing by, and therefore this policy will better ensure privacy). (9/15/03) and (3/1/11).

Repeatedly being idle may be grounds for being banned. (5/1/12) *****WAS REMOVED FROM GUIDELINE