SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2

Minutes for August 1st, 2023 at 12 noon ET


Anne moderated the meeting


Serenity Prayer





Approve August agenda

August Agenda APPROVED.


Approve July agenda (in retrospect)

July Agenda APPROVED.


Approve June minutes

June Minutes APPROVED.


Approve July minutes

July Minutes APPROVED.


Approve Treasurer's report (up to June 30th)

Treasurer's Report APPROVED.


Read and review Liaison report

Liaison Report read and reviewed.

Nothing upcoming currently posted on the calendar

The SLAA ABC/M is going on at the moment. It started yesterday. We do have a delegate (Lotus).

Our group has approved the framework for living.

We approved the 12 steps in plain language.

We are not supportive of the sobriety requirement to write literature.

We are in favour of the Anorexia documents to be revised. We are in favour of the Anorexia 10-11-12.

We are in favour of all the literature that's up for motion, we approved them.


Op Applications



Old Business

Following motion was not dealt with at this meeting - tabled to next meeting:

Motion to approve Officers for mandate period July 2023 through June 2024 - TABLED

Current accepted Officer nominations (no contested posts, so no election):

Chairperson: troy

Co-Chairperson: none

Secretary: none

Liaison Officer: Anne (co-opted)

Webmaster: troy

Co-Webmaster: Lotus

Treasurer: Lotus 


New Business



10 min Open Forum

No issues raised.


Serenity Prayer


Meeting adjourned