SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2
Minutes August 1st 2017


Open with Serenity Prayer




Read and approve August agenda - APPROVED

Read and approve July minutes - APPROVED

Read and approve Treasurer's report - APPROVED

Read and review Liaison Officer's report - DONE

Read and review Delegate's report from SLAA ABM 2017:

Here is a review of some of the items:

- The Step Question Workbook was voted down. it had passed 27/20, 5 abstained, then a motion to table was set forth passed with 42/10

- Companion to Chapter Four of basic text, passed 39/2, 11 abstain

- Text Heathy relationship Pamphlet, passed 44/4, 3 abstain.

- Motion to update the 40 Question text for self diagnosis, did not pass, 23/25, 4 abstain.

- Making the Basic SLAA text from CD version to MP3 version/audio book, did not pass.

- Board of Trustee’s (BOT) members were voted on, renewed Earl.D (TX), Jason.S (CA), new international member David.F (POL) was also voted in. All seats are filled at this point, 9 members total on the BOT

Personally I had a great experience as a new delagate for the SLAA group online. I met some great people and it was great to be surrounded by so many members in recovery at once. I personally am now participating on 2 committees: - the diversity committee (CDC) - the translation committee (CTC)

Please, if you have specific questions, do address them to me.

I just want to thank you again for having elected me as you representative. What a great service experience.

Tonight I won’t be able to attend the BM, I will be traveling. Have a great meeting.

Cordially, Jean / seanp




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New Business



10 Minute Open Forum


Meeting closed with Serenity Prayer