Pending Minutes 7/6/10 Business Meeting

· Reviewed and approved agenda
· Reviewed and approved Treasurer's report
· Reviewed and approved June's Minutes
· Report: by Webmaster on Website, discussed new Scripts
· Report: on SLAA upcoming World Wide Events

Old Business:
Motion was made to replace Tuesday's topic/open share meetings on the first and third Tuesday of the month with a "Newcomer" meeting. In this meeting the first half would give member a chance to ask questions, such as "what is the Big Book?" or "how do I know I am an addict?", "are there any good books to read?". Etc this would be the first half. The second half would be open sharing for the newcomer, a chance to get current or say why they are here etc. Christina will Chair the meeting. MOTION WAS WITHDRAWN AT THIS TIME

New Business:

*Election Results: Lotus won the election for Chair of SLAAOnline

*New Ops: Liberty09,

Proposal: an anorexia-focused SLAA meeting led by Rose:

Time: Time to be determined according to the group conscience - Friday or Sunday, at the Noon meeting. 1-hour. MOTION APPROVED. TIME WAS DECIDE UPON AS SATURDAY 10 AM ET, AND LATER CHANGED TO FRIDAY 3 PM ET.

Given that anorexia is so hard to detect and explain, short paragraphs on the topic will play during the meeting. (3-5 sentences), then the floor will be open for shares. If there are no more shares, again brief texts will be played (5 sentences).

- The Anorexia pamphlet
- Personal stories available in the anorexia-focused SLAA Journal
- If possible, the draft of Anorexia 1-2-3 (from a meeting in Manchester,
London; they used it for the anorexia meeting. It contains discussion
- Signs of recovery for anorectics (non-conference approved)
- Stand-alone text about anorexia (what it is) to hand in to Joe (sweat lol), which I think is a great beginning.