SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2
Minutes July 5 th 2016

Open with Serenity Prayer

Reviewed July's agenda - approved


troyís announcement Ė We are now on new servers, all previous nick registrations on the old server are no longer recognized. All opís and officers need to reregister and protect their nick. Some of the commands are different on the new server and some commands no longer function. Information sent by email to opís/officers about the new server as well as information on how to download the new scripts were sent out. New version of scripts are available ASAP from webmaster. Any problems with the new server contact Troy or #channels.

Read and approve June's minutes - Passed

Read and approve Treasurer's report - Passed

Read and review Liaison Officer's report - no vote needed

Old Business

Lotusís motion which was missed getting on an earlier agenda

When a ban is placed opís must send it into the mailroom.

Secretary will then send out notice of all bans to opís/officers.

When a ban is lifted opís must send out notice of all banís lifted.

Secretary will then send out notice to all opís and officers that the ban/bans have been lifted.

Motion passed.


New Business

Op applications

Libra not present tabled for second time.

Chitown application to become an op read and approved. Motion passed.


Troy tabled his motion re website revision due to lack of time.


Lotusís motion re ABM delegate expenses

Financially support our ABC/M delegate with funds that are in line with U.S federal mileage and incidental expenses reimbursement rates for a total of $97.36

ExplanationóThe delegate will be at ABC/M for five daysí times $5 dollars per day (The U.S.federal expenses reimbursement) equals $25 dollars total for incidental expenses. The delegate will be traveling 134 miles round trip in her own vehicle @0.54 cents a mile (The U.S. Federal reimbursement rate) equals $72.36 for millage reimbursement (total for all $97.36)

Motion passed.

10 minute open forum tabled due to lack of time.

Closed with Serenity Prayer