SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2
Minutes July 4th 2017


Open with Serenity Prayer



Troy: SLAA Online Chairperson’s brief year report at July 2017


July 2016-June 2017 has been an intensive and positive year for SLAA Online. With a reduced officer team of three persons for most of the year, the duties of all the seven officer posts have however been covered, with satisfactory service of SLAA Online at nearly all times. The Op team has been invaluable. More active Ops are needed to share the service load.

The move to a new server system was has been a demanding project but resulted in greater stability and improved commands and Op scripts.

The major review and update of the SLAA Online website has been completed.

Liaison and worldwide outreach has contributed to increased membership. Several newcomer inquiries are received each day at the SLAA Online office.

SLAA Online has held 21 scheduled meetings per week throughout the year, and now nearly always has moderating Ops present. Member attendance at meetings has been regularly high.

A delegate has been sent to the SLAA Annual Business Meeting.

The monthly Group Conscience Business Meetings have been well attended, and have worked continuously to develop guidelines and procedures in the best interest of the group.

We continue to go forward ODAAT!

A big thank you to everyone who is part of making SLAA Online exist!

Troy, Chairperson


Troy: SLAA Online Liaison Officer 

Officer group temporary co-option from now of John as SLAA Online Liaison Officer, with a Group Conscience vote to be taken at the Aug Business Meeting to confirm co-option as full officer for the remainder of the mandate period 2017/2018. John is currently an SLAA Online Op.


Troy: Sobriety Anniversary Speaker

NOTE! Don't miss: 12 year Sobriety Anniversary Speaker Share by christina on Fri Jul 7 at 10 pm ET in #slaa - All welcome!


Troy: Robert's Rules Motion: 

Robert's Rules of Order are to be used in biz Meetings (3/11/99). Also: Please note how Robert’s rules of order are to be used: “In the interest of tackling all of the items on this agenda and allowing everyone the opportunity to speak on the extremely important topics, suggest the following format in this meeting: Each topic under New Business will begin with a motion being made: That motion will then either be seconded or set aside. Upon the motion being seconded, discussion will begin. During discussion, only friendly amendments will be accepted to the motion. An amendment will be considered a friendly amendment if the original provider of the motion concurs with the amendment. Everyone will be allowed one share on each motion presented. Each share will be limited to 3 minutes in length. The end of discussion will be the point at which a vote is taken. A vote was taken on following this format and the Motion passed. 2/15/07


Read and approve July agenda - APPROVED

Read and approve June minutes - APPROVED

Read and approve Treasurer's report - APPROVED

Read and review Liaison Officer's report - DONE



Op Application

DaveH - not present for second time - APPLICATION FALLS


SLAA ABM literature review15 minutes of business meeting to be spent reviewing and discussing the SLAA ABM Agenda items, with voting on approving each piece of literature, or not, to take place at the business meeting (the delegate will carry our vote to the ABM).SLAA ABC/M info links:

Priority for this July Business Meeting: Companion to Chapter Four (p.p. 88-116) - APPROVED


NOTE! There will also be two extra “discussion meetings” in early and mid-July

1st extra meeting 2nd Tuesday, July 11th at 9 pm ET in #slaa2: (117-125) Healthy Relationships pamphlet & (126-135) 40 Questions

2nd extra meeting 3rd Tuesday, July 18th at 9 pm ET in #slaa2: (136-169) Anorexia Tools


Old Business


Continuation of discussion of motion tabled after given presentation at last BM because of lack of time:

Motion from cayotejoes re use of non-SLAA conference approved literature in meetings


(1) That members avoid bringing AA (and other 12 step group materials) into SLAA, as a whole, unless it is reformatted and refocused on the s addiction (and not on alcoholism), and where an AA excerpt is utilized, that it be formatted in accordance with the SLAA format

(2) As a general guideline, that only SLAA conference approved literature be used at meetings.



New Business



10 Minute Open Forum


Meeting closed with Serenity Prayer