Business Meeting 7/3/12


Minutes for June were reported: (approved)

Treasurer’s report was given: (approved)

Election Results were announced: Chair - Kenny, Co-Chair - Christina, Secretary - Rose, Liaison - Bob, Treasurer - Lotus. Webmaster & Co-Webmaster are vacant positions



NEW Ops - KellyAnn <approved>
Dave <approved>
Nancy D <approved>
Russell < No show>
Chip < Not approved>
Ann < No Show>

We the fellowship have decided to voice a vote of “no confidence” in the newly elected Co-Chair (Christina), and make a motion that: the Co-Chair, elected July 1, 2012 (Christina) be impeached via an email vote, over one month’s duration. A vote of yes would mean that Christina would be impeached as Co-Chair; a vote of no on the impeachment would mean that Christina assumes the office of Co-Chair for the term of 2012-2013. *NOT APPROVED* Christina assumes office