July 1st 2008 Business Meeting Minutes

People who attended were: Lotus, Tom, Kenny, Sunnylady, Six, Rena, Diane, Russwayne, Xiaochueh, Lynn, Leslie, Skewzme, PeteB, SparkyK, Hlyn, Teeni, Rocky, BethCZ, and BobK

Kenny opened with the Serenity Prayer @10pm EST

· Motion made to approve agenda and passed
· Motion made to approve minutes and passed
· Motion made to approve treasurer's report and passed

· Discussion and motion made to post phone meeting information at the end of meetings instead of posting it to the website. Motion passed

· Discussion and motion made to accept basic text meeting on Saturdays from 12 noon to 1:30pm EST. Motion passed

· Announcement was made that Drug of Choice meeting will be tabled till Augusts meeting per request of the presenters

Went over New Business

· Discussed current nominations for officer positions. Motion was made to accept nominations through July and voting will take place in August

· Motion was made and voted on to accept PeteB as a new OP. Motion Passed

· Motion was made by Lotus to put a message in the end meeting announcements stating the desperate need of new Ops. Motion Passed.

· SparkyK ended the meeting with the serenity prayer.

Meeting ended @ 11:28pm EST