Business Meeting June 1st 2010

· Reviewed and approved agenda
· Reviewed and approved Treasurer's report
· Reviewed and approved May Minutes

Old Business:
Motion to hold Newcomer introductions until the last 10 minutes of the group. At that time, we can run a catch all chip that says Welcome "Newcomers"! The Op can mention them all by name, individually, at that time, and state that we have saved the last ten minutes of the meeting for them, if any of them would like to share. They can raise their hand in the normal way if they want to share, but are not obligated to. If there are no Newcomers, or no one wants to share, normal sharing may resume. (Susan/Lotus' Motion) MOTION WITHDRAWN AT PRESENTERS REQUEST

Motion to ask sponsors to raise their hands at the end of the meeting so Newcomers may approach them after the meeting for guidance if not sponsorship. (Ash's Motion). PRESENTER NOT PRESENT FOR THE THIRD TIME, MOTION PERMANENTLY TABLED

New Business:

REPORT GIVEN: Many nominations were received, but not all nominees accepted the nominations. Thank you all for sending in your nominations. Some positions are uncontested. What that means is that only one nominee was nominated. Therefore that nominee is considered to be automatically appointed to serve in the position as of June 1st. They are: Trtogirl for co-chair, KarlP for Webmaster, Glorry for Co-Webmaster, Rose for Secretary, Peaceluvr for Liaison and Lotus for Treasurer. The only Position that is contested, and therefore will require voting for is that of Chair. Voting is open starting today, and will take place thru out the month of June, ending on June 30th at midnight. Those running for Chair are: Lotus and BobK.


Proposal to no longer use the A.A. "Promises" in our meeting format, (currently only one meetings is still using the A.A. promises), and instead, use only our own "Promises" (Glorry's Motion) PASSED

Motion to start a new morning meeting that will run daily M-F from 10am - 11am ET in #slaa room, chaired by AllenH. PASSED

Motion to start a Basic Text Step Study meeting on Tuesday evenings at 8 pm ET in #slaa Room, chaired by Lotus. PASSED

Motion to replace Tuesday's topic/open share meetings on the first and third Tuesday of the month with a "Newcomer" meeting. In this meeting the first half would give member a chance to ask questions, such as "what is the Big Book?" or "how do I know I am an addict?", "are there any good books to read?". Etc this would be the first half. The second half would be open sharing for the newcomer, a chance to get current or say why they are here etc. Christina will Chair the meeting. HOLD TILL NEXT MEETING, PRESENTER NOT PRESENT
Motion to add a guideline which states: only Web links related to Twelve Step Recovery, and which are not political /religious in nature, or otherwise considered controversial, may be posted in the main room. The individual who posts the link must also make clear that the link is not affiliated with our group or slaa as a whole if the link is not from our web site or (Glorry's Motion) PASSED