Business Meeting Agenda 05/06/14

Serenity Prayer

Review and approve May 6, 2014 agenda  - approved
· Review and approve Treasurer's report - approved
· Review and approve March Minutes - approved
Liaison Report - Bob D - no report


Old Business:
No old business

New Business:

New OPs:
Nick O
- approved
- was not present.  No decision.

Motion 1:  That slaa online have a monthly business meeting even if the only agenda is approval of minutes, financial report, liaison report, and 10 minutes of open sharing. 
[Presented by Harold] - approved

Motion 2:  Notice of the next meeting be given in the following ways: For a week before, announcement be given at the end of each meeting. (The secretary will send this information to all ops a week before the meeting.)   Notice be given on the front page of our website a week before the meeting, with a link to the proposed agenda. [Presented by Harold] - approved

Motion 3: For an open breakfast meeting to be held at 10am EST on Saturdays. [Presented by Troy] - approved

Open Forum:

10 minutes

Serenity Prayer