Minutes 5/5/09

People attended: Christina, Lotus, Kenny, Azuria. Enigma, KenP, MichelleS, SteveB, TedII, Trtogrl

Opened with serenity prayer

· Reviewed and approved the agenda
· Reviewed and approved the minutes
· Reviewed the treasurers report

Voted and approved three new ops

· Ted II
· Enigma
· Rose

A motion was made which is to allow those who live in other time zones like Europe, or those who have to work at night to be able to apply for op by written letter being read in the business meeting. The motion was passed.

Discussed Nominations and announced that nomination we being accepted throughout the month of May and to send them in to slaaonline@yahoo.com

Lotus nominated Kenny for Co- chair, Christina for Chair and KarlP for Webmaster

Auzria sent in nominations to slaaonline@yahoo.com

Closed with serenity prayer