Minutes Business Meeting 5/4/10


· Reviewed and approved agenda
· Reviewed and approved Treasurer's report
· Reviewed and approved April Minutes
· Report: by Webmaster on Website
· Report: by Liaison of upcoming worldwide SLAA events

Old Business: None

New Business:

*Nominations - nominations received so far were discussed

New Ops: · Wendi · Donatella · Melinda · LeftyLef (Melinda submitted to become an op, but was not present and will have to reapply)


· In future Business Meetings, reviewing of and approving of the Agenda, review of and approving of the Treasurer's report, reviewing of and approving of the Minutes. Report by the Webmaster on the Website, and the Report by Liaison on upcoming Worldwide SLAA events, shall take up no more than 5 minutes of the meeting. What this means is that these reports shall be sent out prior to the meeting to the fellowship for review, and will be posted on the website at the meeting. Anyone wishing to review them may do so by getting on the slaa mailing list, or by showing up early to the meeting to review them on the website. (Trtogrl/Lotus Motion)· MOTION PASSED*

Put the following FAQ (Written by Joe/Glorry, contributed by Ops) on the Website. Connect questions with an "ask search engine", so that when people type the question in the engine it pulls up our FAQ. Have a Link available in the intro to the main room so that even if no one is currently present the information will be available. *MOTION PASSED

· Change business meeting times to 9pm EST (Trtogrl's Motion) *MOTION PASSED

· If there are 2 or more ops or capable Chairs present, and the meeting is over 20 people, Ops may choose to split the meeting into 2 rooms after the opening scripts: Newcomers to be in #slaa (where they will go anyway if they are late) as well as anyone else who wants a first-step oriented meeting (12 maximum), and everyone else to be in #slaa2. (KarlP's Motion) *MOTION PASSED

· Hold Newcomer introductions until the last 10 minutes of the group. At that time, we can run a catch all chip that says Welcome "Newcomers"! The Op can mention them all by name individually at that time, and state that we have saved the last ten minutes of the meeting for them, if any of them would like to share. They can raise their hand in the normal way if they want to share, but are not obligated to. If there are no Newcomers, or no one wants to share, normal sharing may resume. (Susan/Lotus' Motion) *POSTPONED BY PRESENTER TILL NEXT MONTH

· Replace Tuesday's topic/open share meetings with a newcomer meeting. It would take place on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 10pm EST. This would allow newcomers to ask questions and have a chance to share. Christina is willing to initially chair them. (Christina's Motion). *POSTPONED BY PRESENTER TILL NEXT MONTH

· Ask sponsors to raise hands at the end of the meeting so Newcomers may approach them after the meeting for guidance if not sponsorship. (Ash's Motion). *CARRIED OVER UNTIL NEXT MONTH