Business Meeting Minutes 5/3/16 (compiled 160528 from Agenda and co-webmaster’s memory)

SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2 3 May 2016, 9 pm ET

Serenity prayer - done

Approve Agenda - Approved

Approve Feb, Mar & Apr Minutes - tabled

Approve Treasurer's report - Approved

Present Liaison report - presented

Old Business - none

New Business - troy/WRC’s website motion, Kenny/troy’s op script
motion and NancyD’s five motions

New Op applications - seanp - approved

Motion #1
(from troy/WRC): Revised webpage - Sponsorship online) - approved

On the SLAAOnline website:
Replace webpage: Sponsorship Online
with revised webpage: Sponsorship Online
- see files: (link needed)
Sponsorship Online redline edited rev 160410 anon
Note: Approval means approval of both tracked changes and any WRC
recommended changes in comments.

Website revision as directed by Group Conscience, done by Website
Review Committee and clarified by Officer Group.

Suggest that the motion is voted on at BM without detailed revision
discussion, as this has already been done extensively in the
WRC/Officer Group revision process.

Motion #2
(from Kenny/troy): Scripts to non-Ops - tabled

Change current existing guideline:
Everyone (including non-ops) can have the scripts, so as to participate
in the recovery process at the service level, as approved by the Officers
(Motion approved 2/1/11)

Even SLAA Online non-op members can have and use the mIRC op
scripts if a request is made, so as to participate in the recovery process
at the service level - with the requirements that they have a minimum
of 90 days current continuous sobriety and have been approved by the
SLAA Online Office. Only SLAA Online officers may give out the op

Motion #3:
(from NancyD): Change in 12 Rewards - withdrawn
"12. The Freedom of a happy life instead of the bondage of sex and love
addiction or anorexia."
"12. The Freedom of a happy life instead of the bondage love addiction
or anorexia."
Reason: we are not all sex addicts, so the sex part should be eliminated.

Motion #4:
(from NancyD): BM Notification - withdrawn
Emails should be sent out notifying all members of upcoming business
meetings, including a link to the agenda.
Such emails should be sent out no later than one week prior to business

Motion #5:
(from NancyD): Op applications - amended and approved
Members applying to be OP's should be allowed to be questioned by
members attending business meetings to ensure that the prospective
OP is qualified.
Amended to following and approved:
Members applying at a Business Meeting to be OPs shall be asked by
the meeting chair to confirm that they meet the requirements for Ops
of 3 months continuous sobriety and a working knowledge of 12 Steps
& 12 Traditions. Members not in attendance but applying in writing
shall be asked to confirm meeting the requirements in writing.

Motion #6:
(from NancyD): Officer term of service - withdrawn
A 2-year term limit for officers.

Motion #7:
(from NancyD): Script addition - withdrawn
18 years old age requirement added to opening script.

10 Minute open forum - done

End with Serenity Prayer - done