SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2
Minutes for April 7th 2020 at 9 pm ET


troy moderated the meeting.


Serenity Prayer





Read and approve April agenda - Link on website homepage - APPROVED


Read and approve March minutes - APPROVED


Read and approve Treasurer's report  - APPROVED


Read and review Liaison Officer's report - REVIEWED


Op Applications

John – not present, application tabled to May meeting


Old Business



New Business


Motion from Lotus re extra scheduled ABC/M Material Discussion Meetings - tabled to May meeting

Motion: Schedule three extra Group Conscience meetings to discuss literature material submitted to the upcoming SLAA ABC/M 2020 - 30 minutes prior to usual GC BM meetings May-July as follows:

Tue May 5th at 11:30 am ET

Tue June 2nd at 8:30 pm ET

Tue July 7th at 8:30 pm ET

Submitted material for discussion includes:

CLC-040 12&12 book project (confirmed)

CLC-015A Sober Dating Questions for Discussion (not yet confirmed)

CLC-011 Anorexia 8,9 (not yet confirmed)

CLC-062 The Importance of Making Outreach Calls (Phone Call Etiquette) (not yet confirmed)


Motion from Nancy re Hugs - Approved

Motion: That the "(((Nickname))) hug" acronym be removed from the Abbreviations & Acronyms page of the website.

Motivation: In every other SLAA or SAA or SA meeting that I have attended since 2009, hugs are by permission only. That is strongly emphasized. I don't think we (SLAA Online) should even suggest that hugs be used casually, even online.


Group Discussion of ABC/M Material: - tabled to May meeting

(contact for link to discussion documents)


10 Minute Open Forum

General discussion & clarification of officer decision not to allow “Zoom” app to be used, in accordance with Gentle Reminder about no named acting out places.


Serenity Prayer


Meeting adjourned