Business Meeting Agenda 4/7/15

Serenity Prayer

Review and approve April 7, 2015 agenda - approved
· Review and approve Treasurer's report - approved
· Review and approve March Minutes - approved
Review Liaison Report - Link

New OP:
Dan L by letter - approved

Old Business:

Motion 1: I want our SLAA group to be all-inclusive & spiritually based. For that reason, I would like to propose a motion to change #16 of our website "A List of 36 Stress Reducers" ( to read:

16. Carry recovery materials (or spiritual text) with you to read while waiting in line ~ presented by Nancy - approved

Motion 2: The Tuesday night Step Study & Thursday night Healthy Relationships meeting removed from the schedule due to abandoning the commitment. ~ Presented by Kenny -

Motion 3: Scheduled meetings to commence at 10AM 12PM 4:30PM 10PM EST. Mon-FRI ~ Presented by Kenny - tabled

Motion 4: Motion that Guideline 20 is reworded as "Members having more than one nick name, (except for afk, nopm, or in the case of disconnect/reconnect) or Members using someone else's nickname in the room". ~ Presented by Steve/SR - approved

New Business: None

Open Forum:

None due to time

Serenity Prayer