SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2

Minutes for April 4th, 2023 at 9 pm ET


troy moderated the meeting


Serenity Prayer




*Our Code of Ethics:

To keep each of our meetings safe and productive, we:

Communicate our views honestly and respectfully on issues raised, especially controversial ones. We do not raise our voices, stoop to sarcasm, cuss, or try to bully others into our way of thinking.

Are tolerant when we differ. We share our meeting time fairly so that each of us has an equal opportunity to comment.

Are willing to put our egos aside when our opinions do not win favor with others. We are able to let go, trust our group conscience, and strive for the “unity and harmony that our Fellowship requires for the successful accomplishment of its primary purpose. Our service structure exists to support us” (per concept 6, from our draft ‘Framework for Living’) and works for the greater good.

Encourage one another by doing our part to maintain a safe and supportive atmosphere.

These points have proved to be our blueprint for success. We ask your cooperation in continuing these traditions as we work together in the coming months. Thank you for contributing your time and talents. Your Twelfth Step work is deeply appreciated!

(*used with permission from the Conference Literature Committee) (04/05/22)


Rules of Order: 

Robert's Rules of Order are to be used in biz Meetings (3/11/99). Also: Please note how Robert’s rules of order are to be used: “In the interest of tackling all of the items on this agenda and allowing everyone the opportunity to speak on the extremely important topics, suggest the following format in this meeting: Each topic under New Business will begin with a motion being made: That motion will then either be seconded or set aside. Upon the motion being seconded, discussion will begin. During discussion, only friendly amendments will be accepted to the motion. An amendment will be considered a friendly amendment if the original provider of the motion concurs with the amendment. Everyone will be allowed one share on each motion presented. Each share will be limited to 3 minutes in length. The end of discussion will be the point at which a vote is taken. A vote was taken on following this format and the Motion passed. (2/15/07)


Approve April agenda

April Agenda Approved.


Approve February minutes

February Minutes Approved.


Approve March minutes

March Minutes Approved.


Approve Treasurer's report

Treasurer's Report Approved.


Read and review Liaison report

Liaison Report read and reviewed.


Op Applications



Old Business



New Business

Motion to Approve SLAA Online Group Delegate to the SLAA ABC/M 2023

SLAA Online has approved sending a yearly delegate (funds permitting) to the SLAA Annual Business Conference/Meeting.

The SLAA ABC/M 2023 will be an in-person conference at Hilton Costa Mesa, Orange County, California on August 1st-4th.

SLAA Online funds appear likely to be permitting, if we receive continued 7th Tradition member donations.

Unopposed candidate: Lotus

Approval procedure:

For candidate: Submitted written motivation followed by max three minute share.

No floor discussion of candidate.

After presentation, candidate asked to leave the #slaa2 room (but not the server) during the vote, by typing /part

Remaining present members vote to approve/disapprove/abstain.

After the vote, candidate invited by leading Op via PM to return to #slaa2 room.

Lotus approved as SLAA Online Group Delegate to the SLAA ABC/M 2023


15 min Discussion of ABC/M Material (late agenda entry)

From Agenda First Version:


23o05/22-08 To adopt the following as Core Documents of S.L.A.A.: "What is Anorexia in S.L.A.A." excerpted from the Anorexia Sexual, Social, Emotional pamphlet, and the 50 Questions from the "Are You Anorectic" section of the Anorexia pamphlet.


23o01/22-04 To receive comments and suggestions from delegates on the text of the "Sex and Love Addiction on the Internet" Pamphlet.

23o07/22-10 To receive comments and suggestions from delegates on the text of the "Anorexia 10-11-12; Working the Program Not the Problem".

23o08/21-17 To create a Conference Committee dealing with fantasy in connection with sex and love addiction

23o09/21-18 Discussion about current and future issues regarding recovery materials (audio and visual) posted to the Internet.

23o10/21-19 The Board Publishing and Distribution Committee (BPDC) seeks Conference and Fellowship-wide discussion and comment on the report of its Literature Creation, Editing and Publishing subcommittee (LCEP) on the process used to create Conference Approved Literature from the initial proposal through Board of Trustees publishing.

23o11/21-20 Provide the PDF version of our S.L.A.A. Basic Text (in all available languages) for free on the FWS website.

23o12/22-01 The 50th Anniversary Basic Text Subcommittee (50BTS) of the Conference Literature Committee (CLC) is submitting this IFD so that the Conference may review the proposed lightly edited chapters (one through four) of the S.L.A.A. Basic Text, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous.

23o13/22-02 To receive comments and suggestions from delegates on the text of the "Making the Most of Meetings" Pamphlet.

Links to the texts given during the meeting or in advance by request to the Office at

ABC/M 2023 Agenda First Version items discussed

NOTE!  Several revisions and new items will be on the Agenda Second Version.


10 min Open Forum

Update discussion on current #slaa activity.


Serenity Prayer


Meeting adjourned