Business Meeting Minutes 4/2/13

Serenity Prayer

· Review and approve Agenda April 2, 2013 - Approved
· Review and approve Treasurer's report - Approved
· Review and approve March Minutes - Approved
· Liaison Report - Bob D - Approved

Old Business:

New Business:
New Ops: BobV, Harold, Vegard 
- Approved
Vegard- Lives in Norway due to significant time zone difference his letter requesting to be of service will be read at the business meeting.

Motion was made: which is to allow those who live in other time zones like Europe, or those who have to work at night to be able to apply for op by written letter being read in the business meeting. The motion was passed 5-09-2009.

Motion: to have two “Group Inventory Meetings” modeled after the Greater New York Intergroup’s format, which is detailed at:, and that these meetings be held annually in the month of February, one in the daytime, and one at night time, either at regular meeting time or to be arranged. [Presented by Susan G] - Approved

Open Forum: 10 minutes

Serenity Prayer