Minutes 04-01-08

Those Present:


* Agenda was read and motion to accept was passed
* Minutes were skipped for Mrch as they had not been finishd by
* The treasurer's report was read and accepted

Old Business
Motion to post phone meetings to Website

Lynn said:
<Lynn> I just had some concerns....
<Lynn> about our website being used for outside meetings....
<Lynn> and that also includes the announcements being made of the slaanon meetings
<Lynn> Are they something that belongs in our meetings since they are not online SLAA meetings....
<Lynn> just wondering about keeping our site for our meetings only.

Rena said:
<rena> i understand Lynn's point
<rena> if they are not officially part of slaa online who is accountable for them?
<rena> could create some issues. that's all. done.

The Motion was voted for and passed

New Business

*New ops -
Rena and ShawnP were approved as a new ops

A) Posting daylight saving to the room

BobK said: the reason for this is that there was much confusion when daylight sayings time went into effect... many from other countries were unaware ot it...
<bobk> and missed some of the meetings.

Curtis asked: who would be responsible for this?
Bob made the motion: to post daylight savings to website yearly, one week ahead of time change, and stay up for one week afterward
<ShawnP> Twice a year...no?
#1<bobk> apend to twice a year...

The motion was accepted and passed

Bob and Espo put an offer forward to help new ops.
#1<bobk> I would like to invite any interested in learning how to beeter use the scripts ..
#1<bobk> to contact espo or myself and we will meet with you in #slaa2 to help assist you.
<espo> As I said before and noone has folowed thru on allowing myself to help them slaa2
<espo> My offer is still their, I will galdly help any new OP

Then there was a long discussion about misuse of bans, by ops and officers.
Lynn said:
<Lynn> all we can do is ask our officers to do their best...
<Lynn> and if we are not satisfied with their work....vote them out next election.
<Lynn> Work on your sobriety so that you can be an officer....just a suggestion.,

Curtis said: <Curtis> I would like to say that any two officers can institute a ban......
<Curtis> it is not up to the officers to ban everyone...
<Curtis> its not our duty
<Curtis> not in our job description
<Curtis> so the best place to start a ban is at the meeting where the abuse happened...
<Curtis> if I am not mistaken May is the nomination month...
<Curtis> with elections in June...
<Curtis> so belly up to the bar if you want to be an officer...

Lynn suggested that the discussion be tabled until a later time when all of the officers could be present.

Sunnylady wanted to have the ban issue placed on the agenda for next month, but no one stayed to vote on the matter.