Business Meeting Minutes 3/1/16 (compiled 160528 from Agenda and co-webmaster's memory)

SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2 1 March 2016, 9 pm ET

Approve Agenda - Approved

Approve February Minutes - tabled

Approve Treasurer's report - Approved

Present Liaison report - presented

Old Business - None

New Business - New Business - troy's 3 motions & Kenny's motion

Motion (troy #1): Revision of FAQ webpage - approved

On the SLAA Online website:
Replace page: FAQ
with revised page: FAQ
- see FAQ slaa website - update rev 160222 anon.docx
Note: Approval means approval of both tracked changes and any WRC
recommended changes in comments.
Website revision as directed by Group Conscience, done by Website
Review Committee and clarified by Officer Group.
Suggest that the motion is voted on at BM without detailed revision
discussion, as this has already been done extensively in the
WRC/Officer Group revision process.

The revised webpage docx & pdf file versions need also to be posted on
our website with the BM agenda, for members to see in advance of the

Motion (troy #2): Revision of Ban Procedure - approved

Revise ban procedure on webpage Behavior and Guidelines to:

If inappropriate behavior is reported, what action will occur?

A) An offender breaching the behavior guidelines will be confronted by and op or officer and issued a warning in pm, stating the guideline breached (logging is allowed in this situation)

B) If the offender continues to disrupt the room, they will be devoiced for a period of time up to 10 minutes. Serious room disruptions may require immediate de-voicing earlier before warning)

C) If the behavior continues, the offender will be kicked from the room with the reason briefly given in the kick message

D) If the offender continues to breach the behavior guidelines after all the above actions have been taken, they will be informed in pm of the guideline(s) breached and that a ban will be imposed. The length of the ban will be stated, and any request for lifting the ban should be addressed to the SLAA Online office at

E) Ops, alone, may give bans up to one day. Officers, alone, may give bans up to one week. Permanent bans must be sanctioned by the SLAA Online office. The SLAA Online office must be informed by email from the banning Op/Officer of details of given ban, including nick, banned nick/mask, ban time, IP number, guideline(s) breached, and log of relevant room/pm conversations.

F) If a person is found to be evading a ban, then and only then should channels become involved, as noted below - see Replace on webpage Behavior and Guidelines re Ban procedure - redline 160203B


Simplifies and clarifies current multi-stage procedure and deals with the practical difficulty of organizing meetings with several persons in #slaa2.

Motion (Kenny): English language use in SLAA Online - approved


The 12 Step & 12 Tradition Meeting of SLAA Online shall be recognized
as an English written/typed language. No exceptions. Any other
languages shall not be used. Please refrain from using any other
languages in regularly scheduled meetings, non-scheduled meetings
and open chat. SLAA Online is moderated for the safety of all members.
Any violations shall be dealt with in accordance with the present
behavior protocol.

Motion (troy #3): Request for economic support to attend SLAA ABM in Boston 2-5 Aug 2016 - tabled


SLAA Online aims to raise and give troy economic aid for attending the
SLAA ABM and IRC in Boston 2-7 Aug 2016:
Attendance at ABM 2-5 Aug: $1075 (early-bird cost)
Attendance at IRC 5-7 Aug: $503 (early-bird cost)
Total aid for troy’s attendance: $1578 (early-bird cost - higher cost for
payment after 19 May)

troy aims to raise the travel costs Sweden-Boston himself: Travel: ca $1000

I am interested in the possibility of attending the SLAA ABM and IRC in
Boston 2-7 Aug 2016 and representing SLAA Online there if so wished
by group conscience. Attendance poses however a major economic
challenge for me - regarding both travel and attendance
I do believe tho that if HP thru GC wishes me to attend, there will be a
possible solution. A suggested solution is the above motion to Group
Conscience BM.

10 Minute open forum

End with Serenity Prayer