SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2
Minutes February 7th 2017


Open with Serenity Prayer


Read and approve February agenda - Approved

Read and approve January minutes - Approved

Read and approve Treasurer's report - Approved

Read and review Liaison Officer's report





Old Business


Lotus's Motion re SLAA ABM Delegate - motion approved

Motion about the Annual Business meeting that Worldwide Fellowships hold each year. This year it will be in the Boston area again. We will meet for about 4 days and decide on important matters of the Fellowship. This year, there is a boat load of new literature to vote on. If we send a delegate we will as a group read through the matters on the agenda and let our delegate know how we as a group like the literature - to approve or not approve for example. We have sent a delegate in the past, including last year. Here is the motion regarding this year:

Motion to send a delegate to the ABM in 2017, which includes having a fundraiser to raise funds to send the delegate, and includes SLAAOnline posting on the Website that a Delegate is needed for the ABM for one month with applications to be submitted to At the end of one month and election will be held in the SLAAOnline business meeting selecting a delegate from the applicants.


Op applications



New Business


BethS's motion re Script change - Replacement of Rewards with Signs of Recovery - Tabled as presenter not present


Lotus's Motion re script about no named ao places - Approved

Motion to include the following in our scripts as a gentle reminder: Please review our Behavior Guidelines. We ask that persons sharing do not name specific places where they have a/o or the names of specific websites, social media site, or apps where sexually graphic material can be found or where liaisons may be procured.



10 minutes Open Forum


Serenity prayer