Business Meeting Minutes 02/05/13

Serenity Prayer

· Review and approve Treasurer's report - Approved

Motion: that we donate $255.23 to World Services (60/40 donation) as we have had a lot of donations from members come in this past month. [Presented by Susan G] - Approved

· Review and approve January Minutes - Approved
· Liaison Report - Bob D - Completed

Old Business:

New Business:
New Op: Leila - Not Present

add to our scripts, in the opening and perhaps also in the closing, a reminder of the 5th Tradition, that we have only ONE primary purpose, which is carrying the message of step 12, that a spiritual awakening is available as the result of working the 12 steps. Presented by [Bob D.] - Approved

Motion: added in the "Respect 2" gentle reminder, both in the opening, and as a stand-alone script, wording explaining the !T post. Presented by [Bob D] - Approved

Motion: to have two “Group Inventory Meetings” modeled after the Greater New York Intergroup’s format, which is detailed at:, and that these meetings be held annually in the month of February, one in the daytime, and one at night time, either at regular meeting time or to be arranged. [Presented by Susan G] - tabled until March 5, 2013

Open Forum: 10 minutes

 Serenity Prayer