Minutes 01/05/10


Reviewed Robert's Rules of Order:
Reviewed and approved agenda
Reviewed and approved Treasurer's report
Report: Website, given by Karl
Report: Liaison – We sent a letter to FWS saying we don’t want to change our name as they requested. We haven’t heard anything more from them.

Old Business:

Idling committee was disbanded due to lack of interest by the group in forming guidelines on excessive idling

Nominations: it was proposed that Lotus serve as Chair, Echo as Co-Chair and Rose as Liaison thru July until the next elections. This motion was approved by the group

New Business:

New Ops: - Time to Change was made a new op, Glorry was made a new op. Kevin sent in a letter to be an op, but was not made an op, because not enough folks felt like they knew him.

Approved to have Treasurer's duties added to Website (final language to be approved at next business meeting)

Next Business meeting (2/2/10) to be during the day for Europe folks (we already voted to have biz meeting during the day quarterly, but hasn't happened in over 6 mos.)

Ops not showing up for business meetings 4:30 and 10:00 pm was discussed. Tabled till next month due to length of discussion

Crosstalk and feedback – Members desire to form committee to examine this issue (Trtogrl) - was on the agenda but tabled till next month due to lateness of hour.