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Minutes of business meeting on Fri. October 15, 1999
The following was the net result of motions passed during the meeting:

Having someone on "duty" in the room 24 hours / day was found not feasible by the steering committee
Adding "The Promises" to the closing scripts will be reviewed by the steering committee for actual text
Speaker Meetings integrated into meeting schedule for the last Monday of the month beginning in November, with RobZ in charge
Extending Feedback meetings to 1.5 hours if required, but other meetings will allow only one share after regular closing time is met
Traditions meetings will be held on the first Monday of the month

Meeting was opened by Maxine at 11:26pm EDT
Attendance: 7

4 Operators: Georgew Kazu Maxine Sassy
3 Non-Ops: Amy c1canoe Memlock

Georgew moved to accept the minutes of 9/15/99 as read.
Amy seconded.
Six (+) Zero (-) One (x) 4 of 6 needed. Motion passed.

Maxine started the meeting by calling for reports from the Steering and Web Committees. Sassy gave a presentation for the Steering Committee, outlining the following topics: Speaker and Traditions meetings, suggested corrections to the scripts, and the idea of having someone on duty in the room 24/7. The Web Committee did not have a report available at the time of the business meeting.
Maxine stated that the Steering Committee found the idea of someone being available 24/7 in the room, not feasible at this time.

Gerogew moved that someone being in the room 24/7 be abandoned.
Kazu seconded.
Seven (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 4 of 6 needed. Motion passed.

The next topic was the addition of The Promises to the closing scripts. Maxine opened the floor for discussion. Kazu felt that the meetings run long anyway and that The Promises could be run after the close of the meeting. George commented that it would not take that much time to run them, and that he thought they would be a great source of encouragement to others. Memlock agreed that they would not take up much time at the end of the meeting. Due to some confusion about the actual wording of The Promises, the idea was suggested to be handed to the Steering committee for further evaluation.

Georgew moved that The Promises be reviewed by the Steering Committee for actual text from SLAA and make a recommendation thereof.
Memlock seconded.
Six (+) One (-) Zero (x) 4 of 6 needed. Motion passed.

Next order of business was the Speaker Meetings integrated into meeting schedule. All seemed to be in agreement with this.

Georgew moved that speaker meetings be instituted with Rob in charge for the last Monday of the month
Amy seconded.
Geroge moved that the meetings start in November.
Memlock seconded.
Six (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 4 of 6 needed. Motion passed..

The floor was opened for discussion on meeting duration's being 1.5 hours. George commented that meetings some times do run over time and that we need to be careful of the time because of family obligations and work the next day. George suggested that meetings only run 1.5 hours if needed. Sassy observed, "I think that feedback meetings tend to run longer...and maybe they might do well at 1.5 hours, and leave the rest to 1 hour." Amy said that she felt that the current time allotment works well and that we should leave some time after the meeting so that we aren't too tired for informal chatting. Maxine mentioned that her face to face meetings run 1.5 hours and "due to the nature of our addiction, it often takes more time in discussion with particulars." George agreed that Amy and Sassy made good points, he felt that Sassy made a good point about the feedback meetings going 1.5 hours. George motioned that feedback meetings would be 1.5 hours if required, but all other meetings to only allow one share after the regular closing time is met. Kazu agreed with George and stated that he thinks its should be left to the discretion of the chairperson on how much sharing is done after the regular closing time. Memlock suggested starting meetings 30 minutes earlier as well, but keeping the same ending time. c1canoe commented that he likes the starting time as it is, that he can make the meetings at that time. George and Kazu discussed time zones and how they would affect the meetings.

Georgew moved that Feedback meetings would run 1.5 hours if required, and all other meetings would allow for one share after the regular closing time is met.
Sassy seconded.
Four (+) Two (-) Zero (x) 4 of 6 needed. Motion passed..

The last topic of discussion was the Traditions meetings. Maxine reviewed that the Steering committee made recommendation to have tradition meeting on the last Wednesday of the month. Discussion followed on this. George and Kazu suggested changing which week it was to be held. Sassy offered suggestion that we have traditions meetings on the first Monday of the month, speakers meetings on the last Monday of the month. Everyone seemed in agreement with that.

Sassy moved that Traditions meetings be held on the first Monday of the month.
Memlock seconded.
Seven (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 4 of 6 needed. Motion passed..

Maxine adjourned the meeting due to time.

Meeting was closed at 12:37am EDT with the Serenity Prayer.