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Minutes of business meeting on Wed. September 15, 1999
The following was the net result of motions passed during the meeting:

The task of having someone on "duty" in the room 24 hours / day was appointed to the Steering committee to see if it is feasible and to finalize the plan and ask for volunteers
Adding the SLAA promises to the closing scripts
The following was tabled to the next business meeting:
Step One Meeting integrated into meeting schedule. Speaker Meetings integrated into meeting schedule. Declare Meetings to be 1.5 hours.
Meeting was opened with a prayer by Georgew at 11:22pm EDT

Attendance: 10

7 Operators: DanK Georgew Leslie Maxine RobZ Sassy TimF
3 Non-Ops: Amy Marn Tom

Old Business: Discussion on having someone on "duty" in the room 24 hours / day

Sassy moved to accept the minutes of 8/15/99 as read.
Tom seconded.
Seven (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 7 of 10 needed. Motion passed.

Georgew opened the floor for discussion that we keep a member in the room for an entire 24 hour daily period with volunteers rotating time shifts. Tim suggested that the room be "reserved for special times like Xmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, or whatever holidays bother addicts." He also went on to say, "I encourage new meetings to be posted and scheduled. There is enough trouble getting attendance at new meetings." Sassy commented that she doesn't think there are enough people to do this on a 24/7 basis, and is not sure how practical it would be at this time. Rob stated that we as addicts can have up and down times anytime, not just at certain times of the year. And he believes that getting volunteers would not be that difficult. Tom pointed out that being a new person to the group, he would enjoy seeing 24/7 availability in the room for those who need support. Tim suggested that we use the 3 SLAA emails to share all this with others and to table this discussion till next month and start outreach in meantime. Dan commented that he thinks it would be terrific to have someone 'on duty' in the room, but very hard to manage. Maxine gave her opinion, "until the day meetings pick up in attendance, I don't see a real need for operations 24/7." Sassy agreed.

Gerogew moved that this be tabled to the Steering committee to see if it is feasible and to ask for volunteers.
Tom seconded.
Six (+) Two (-) One (x) 7 of 10 needed. Motion passed.

Georgew presented the next topic of discussion, that the closing scripts include the SLAA Promises. Sassy commented that she was concerned that the meetings will be too long with them. Tim estimated an additional two minutes after close is established. Maxine mentioned that "I think we should try to keep scripts as short as possible, but find the balance to include everything that we need to hear, and I think having the promises is important, especially to close." Rob agreed with Maxine. Amy said, "I think the promises serve as a great reminder to us, why we are doing this in the first place. Personally, I would like to see them everyday." Georgew added that he also believes the promises hold real quality information for new people especially, and if older members do not wish to read them, then they don't have to. Tom agreed. Tim noted that the promises haven't been read in this room. We read the promises. They are different. Just so everyone knows. Yet they apply equally to all fellowships. Georgew agreed with Tim.

Tim moved that we add the promises to closing scripts.
Georgew seconded.
Eight (+) Zero (-) One (x) 7 of 10 needed. Motion passed.

Gerogew tabled the remaining topics for next time and adjourned meeting.

Meeting was closed at 12:17am EDT with the Serenity Prayer.