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Minutes of business meeting on Sun. August 15, 1999
The following was the net result of motions passed during the meeting:

Additional meetings were agreed upon.
Agreed to change terms: chairman to chairperson and co-chairman to co-chairperson
Distributing Sobriety chips for 1 week, 30, 60, 90 and 180 days, 9, 12, and 18 month periods during meeting times. And in addition a .jpg rendering of a chip given out.
Discussion on having someone on "duty" in the room 24 hours a day was tabled to the Steering committee.
Web committee was assigned the task of converting and sending email responses and adding comparable responses for MAC users. Four volunteers were suggested to rotate this duty, with one backup for any eventualities easily reached. An e-mail address will be assigned for this purpose and will be made accessible to these 4 volunteers. If more than 4 volunteers, rotation changes accordingly.
Additions to opening scripts was added, as well as sending opening script format to all new persons to read before being given voice in the channel.
The following was tabled to the next business meeting:
Addition to Closing Scripts. Step One Meeting integrated into meeting schedule. Speaker Meetings integrated into meeting schedule.
Meeting was called to order by Maxine at 11:04pm EDT, Georgew opened with prayer.

Attendance: 12

8 Operators : DanK Georgew Kazu Leslie Maxine RickB Sassy TimF
4 Non -Ops: LindaL MaryF Matthew Sherri

Old Business: Discussion on adding additional meetings

Georgew moved to accept the minutes of 6/15/99 as read.
RickB seconded.
Eight (+) Zero (-) Two (x) 7 of 10 needed. Motion passed.

Maxine began the meeting with old business. "We discussed a possibility of adding additional meetings, particularly for west coasters. One suggested to have meetings at 11:30 pm est," said Maxine. She opened the floor for discussion at that time. Matthew and George both agreed they would like to see more meetings available during the day and in the late evening hours.

George moved that "any three ops be allowed to start another time slot for meetings. The requirement should be continuous meetings and a short report be made on attendance at meetings including dates no meeting was held."
Matthew seconded.
Eight (+) Zero (-) One (x) 5 of 7 needed. Motion passed.

Another item that Maxine brought up before leaving old business was, "We still need these 2 NON officers so that the steering committee can meet." Tim informed her that the, "Web committee has met its requirements of 2 officers and 2 non officers, but still WELCOMES more to sign up. See Sassy or TimF after meeting."

New Business

Item one of new business was discussed; the addition of two new meetings on Wed. and Fri. at noon est. Everyone seemed to be in agreement with that.

Georgew moved that the request for a meeting on Wed and Fri be considered as approved as long as meetings meet previous criteria for new meeting time including a 3rd OP.
Kazu seconded.
Eight (+) Zero (-) One (x) 5 of 7 needed. Motion passed.

The floor was open for discussion on changing terms of 'chairman to chairperson and co-chairman to co-chairperson'. There was not much discussion when Sassy motioned that it be accepted.

Sassy moved that the terms be changed for chairman and co-chairman to chairperson and co-chairperson.
Kazu seconded.
Four (+) One (-) Three (x) 4 of 8 needed. Motion passed.

Discussion began on using cyber chips during meetings. George suggested using chips for different periods of sobriety, such as for one week, one month, and each month there after till one year and yearly there after. Matthew commented that it would be nice to have a .jpg representation of the chip also. Kazu showed the group some of his art work of the chips that he can make available for use.

Sassy motioned that the chips be given out at the end of regular meetings. Amends were made to the motion to include chips of 1 week, 30, 60, 90, 180 days, 9, 12, and 18 month periods.
TimF seconded.
Seven (+) Zero (-) One (x) 5 of 7 needed. Motion passed.

Maxine went on to the next topic, having someone on "duty" in the room 24 hours a day. There was no discussion on this.

Maxine moved that this be tabled to the Steering committee to see if it is possible.
Kazu seconded.
Eight (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 5 of 7 needed. Motion passed.

Narrowing down on the new business, the floor was open for discussion on assigning a member to answer e-mail from the SLAA site. Maxine mentioned that "George has done an awesome job answering e-mail to digests, etc. and we need to rotate this duty so that it isn't so overwhelming." Tim gave some background information on the email for the site. George suggested we create one blind (non personal address) to handle just such requests and that this address be named to both slaa digests and slaa headquarters just for inquiries about joining and how to get to meetings. George said he has a generic message that he sends out, but he doesn't have anything prepared for MAC users and suggested that the Web committee create one for MAC users and monitor usage and returns. Tim agreed it was an excellent idea. George also recommended that 3-4 people be put in the role of answering the email, each one for a week at a time.

George moved that the web committee be assigned the task of taking his e-mail response and adding a comparable response to it for MAC users, and that 4 volunteers be assigned to rotate this duty, with one backup for any eventualities easily reached. And assigning an e-mail address that is just for this purpose and it be made accessible to these 4 people. If more than 4 volunteers rotation changes accordingly.
TimF seconded.
Nine (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 5 of 7 needed. Motion passed.

The last item of new business discussed was this addition to opening scripts: "This is a place for people who want to recover from their compulsive sexual behavior. IT IS NOT A PLACE TO MEET PARTNERS OR TO PICK UP PEOPLE." George agreed and also recommended that all channel ops be required to play slfmt.txt for all new arrivals at meetings and they be required to read it before being voiced in the channel.

George moved that the opening scripts be amended and that all ops play slfmt.txt for all new persons before being given voice.
Sassy seconded.
Eight (+) Zero (-) One (x) 5 of 7 needed. Motion passed.

Maxine tabled the remaining topics for next time and adjourned meeting.

Meeting was closed at 12:23am EDT with the Serenity Prayer.