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Minutes of business meeting on Tue. June 15, 1999
The following was the net result of motions passed during the meeting:

Established two committees.
STEERING COMMITTEE is charged with establishing bylaws and reestablishing updated policies and also with communication with FWS and grievances. Minimum of 6 members, all four officers, plus 2 non-officers
WEB COMMITTEE is charged with improving usefulness of our website, expanding and describing existing and new recovery links, and improving readability and navigation. Containing 3 members, webmaster, plus one other officer, pluse one non-officer...all minimums. Unlimited membership will be allowed and members will volunteer for service.
We will establish additional committees as necessary from time to time.
The following was tabled to the next business meeting:
To have a sister meeting later in the night either a couple of nights a week or every night if need be
Meeting was called to order by Maxine at 11:12pm EDT with the Serenity Prayer.

Attendance: 10

6 Operators : Maxine RobZ TimF Sassy georgew Leslie
4 Non-Ops: af61 SpiritWay Humble1 Memlock

Old Business: Steering committee

Sassy moved to accept the minutes of 5/2/99 as read.
SpiritWay seconded.
Seven (+) Zero (-) Two (x) 7 of 10 needed. Motion passed.

Maxine began with the old business, saying, "We need to establish a committee(s) to work on policies, by-laws, etc. This can be ONE committee to do all or can be SEVERAL committees with a single purpose". Maxine opened floor for discussion.
TimF requests the floor and proceeds with the following discussion: "Thanks, Maxine. Nicely put, by the way. We seemed to get hung up last meeting on WHO would participate but only spoke of one committee I suggest several: One specific to pre-writing guidelines (policy), One specific to pre-writing bylaws, One specific to selection and review of recovery links for website, One specific to co-ordination and communication with Fellowship Wide Services and so on as we deem necessary. That way, interested members can choose the one or two committees in which their own skills are best suited, just my opinion."

Sassy noted that " I think that one committee would be better to keep things simple."

Georgew discussed that we have limited people, and only a handful voted. Mostly ops in meetings and he believes one committee is best. "keep it simple" Georgew said.
TimF agreed good points. TimF expounded as an example..."I'm the trusted servant with the website, I've left it virtually unchanged, haven't touched original policy either. As we move forward, I'd love to solicit volunteers to scour the web and find recovery resources and then describe them in a sentence or two (each) and add to our site, that's one example, and would hopefully get more members (not ops) involved with service work. Similarly, some might be better suited for writing policy, so that's why I suggested several. Even if we choose "only one" global steering committee... I would encourage a web committee."

Maxine discussed the membership for these committees, and suggested that we have AT LEAST 3 members on each committee, with no limit to maximum.
George noted that he believes the steering committee should contain at least the officers and two other members of slaa, and suggested a minimum of two officers (one Tim) be on committee.
TimF said he feels that we might be in agreement with no limits to membership (which I'm certainly in agreement with)...and it was also pointed out that service so far has tended to be ops...and he hoped to encourage non-ops to participate with web links.
George agrees with no limits on committee size and suggested minimums are ok.

TimF moved that we have two committees, Steering committee and Web committee
RobZ seconded.
Six (+) Zero (-) One (x) 5 of 7 needed. Motion passed.

georgew moved that each committe have 6 members each minimum, with unlimited membership and members will volunteer for service.
SpiritWay seconded.
Six (+) Zero (-) One (x) 5 of 7 needed. Motion passed.

Rob proposed that we have a sister meeting later in the night either a couple of nights a week or every
night if need be. Rob suggested 11:30 Eastern time, so as to not interrupt the 10 Eastern meeting. And he further said.."Some of us on the west coast are not able to make the meeting at given time
every night so I wanted to propose a later meeting for the summer months for us west coasters while we
deal with daylight."
Georgew and TimF and Robz continued to discuss this.
Maxine tabled this discussion for lack of time and adjourned meeting.

Meeting was closed at 12:39am EDT with the Serenity Prayer.