Minutes 12-04-2007

In attendance: ck, diane, espo, Jennie, Meghan, Lotus, l-bob, Mel, ben10, Chase, Lynn, BobK, bright, Thomas, Rocky, Christina.

The meeting was called to order by Lotus at 10:12 pm Eastern time.

The minutes of the previous meeting 11-06-2007, were read and approved.

Motion to accept the agenda . Motion carried.


Approval of November minutes.

Approval of Agenda

Treasurer's report

Old Business

Reintroducing Motion that was tabled last Month to have an instructional meeting for all operators on disciplinary measures.

New Business

Request for new Op positions

Move to require all bans be reported to slaaonline@yahoo.com as soon as they happen along with a log of the incidence.

Move that if an individual is banned for more than a day, that person gets to have a chance to defend themselves before the board of officers, who in turn have discretion to remove the ban

Move that all operators be required to give their email to slaaonline@yahoo.com so that in the event of an emergency, all Ops can be contacted as quickly as possible.

Move to reopen the position of Chair and Co-Chair for Elections


New Operators: Marcia from UK sent a letter for her statement and was approved as a trusted servant. BobK was not present at this time.

Treasurer's report was read and accepted.

Old Business:

Motion to have Instructional meetings for all operators on disciplinary measures once a month on a voluntary basis. Motion carried.

New Business:

BobK gave his presentation and was approved as a trusted servant.

Motion to require all bans to be reported to slaaonline@yahoo.com, as soon as possible, along with a log of the incident if possible. Motion carried.

A move to allow redress of bans was withdrawn for the time being.

Motion to require all operators to provide an email address for communications. Only officers will have access to the addresses. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn. Motion carried and was voided by procedural irregularities.

Motion to discuss the remainder of the agenda and to adjourn. Motion carried.

Motion to open elections for Chair and Co-Chair. Motion defeated.

Meeting adjourned 11:45pm