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Lynn Read the set aside Prayer and opened the meeting

[22:02] <Lynn> Tuesday November 7th, 2006
[22:03] <Lynn> #slaa Business Meeting Agenda
[22:03] <Lynn> 1.) Review minutes of last month's meeting and then vote to accept or amend
[22:03] <Lynn> them.
[22:03] <Lynn>
[22:03] <Lynn> 2.) Treasurers Report- Please view that at
[22:03] <Lynn> 3). Old Business
[22:03] <Lynn> a.) Nova to report Ops email list
[22:03] <Lynn> b.) Eric to report on updates for website
[22:03] <Lynn> c.) Ken to report on reviewing of the changes in guidelines
[22:03] <Lynn> 4.) New Business
[22:03] <Lynn> a.) Hanne would like to be an Op.
[22:04] <Lynn> b.) How to best handle poor behavior. What are the options
[22:04] <Lynn> and does anything need to change with the group with
[22:04] <Lynn> respect to the ability to ban or kick or ban for a night?
[22:04] <Lynn> 1/ Review minutes as indicated and let me know once you have read them please by typing +
[22:04] <Lynn> The minutes are not ready for tonight...
[22:05] <Lynn> we will have to wait until next month for them.
[22:05] <Lynn> 2/ Review the Treasure's report

[22:09] <Lynn> Treasurers Report accepted as posted.

[22:09] <Lynn> > 3). Old Business
[22:09] <Lynn> <Lynn> a.) Nova to report Ops email list

[22:10] <Nova> there are roughly 28 folks listed with ops priveleges.
[22:10] <Nova> I only have 18 email addys
[22:10] <Nova> that concludes the report
[22:11] <Lynn> Report accepted as presented

[22:12] <Lynn> > b.) Eric to report on updates for website

[22:21] <ewg> <ewg> We have a new link and I would move to update the links on the website to give newcomers
access using this method instead of the Java method currently linked from teh site

[22:24] <Lynn> Eric's report is accepted as written.

[22:24] <Lynn> 4.) New Business

[22:24] <Lynn> <Lynn> a.) Hanne would like to be an Op.
[22:25] <Lynn> We have a bit of a problem here in that Hanne lives in Finland or somewhere near there...
[22:25] <Lynn> so it is the middle of the she couldn't be here.
[22:25] <Curtis> !
[22:26] <Lynn> Does anyone have a concern about her becoming an OP?
[22:26] <Lynn> 8,12 Thank you 4,8 Curtis 8,12 - you have the floor.
[22:26] <Curtis> I just wanted to say that Hanne is a faithful member....
[22:26] <Curtis> and has attended a lot of meetings that I have been to...
[22:27] <Curtis> and seems like Hanne would make a good OP
[22:27] <Curtis> done

[22:27] <Lynn> I would agree with Curtis and vote to accept her offer to be an OP.
[22:27] <Lynn> done
[22:27] <ewg> !

[22:28] <ewg> In the past we've had peole who are unable to attend the business meeting submit a statement so
people who didn't know them personally could at least have some insight
[22:28] <ewg> into who they are...
[22:28] <ewg> I don't have a prroblem with voting her in as an op...but I would have to abstain
[22:28] <ewg> done
[22:29] <Lynn> Thanks Eric
[22:29] <Lynn> Any other comments?
[22:29] <Nova> !

[22:30] <Nova> I have met Hanne and seen this person at lots of meetings. They are always contributing and have
the proscribed time... I think this person will be an asset adn i will vote them in
[22:30] <Nova> done

[22:30] <evan> !
[22:30] <Lynn> 8,12 Thank you 4,8 evan 8,12 - you have the floor.
[22:31] <evan> hi
[22:31] <evan> sorry for my tardiness
[22:31] <evan> im all in for people who work thier programs in a healthy way to become an op...

[22:32] <evan> done

[22:35] * Ken makes a motion to call the vote
[22:35] <Lynn> Motion please
[22:35] <evan> +
[22:35] <Ken> +
[22:35] <Lynn> thanks Ken
[22:35] <Nova> +
[22:35] <Melissa> +
[22:35] <ewg> +
[22:35] <Lynn> +
[22:35] <ewg> oops! sorry...X
[22:35] <Sue> +

[22:36] <Lynn> The motion was re Henna becoming an OP
[22:36] <Lynn> The motion carries.
[22:36] <Curtis> +