August 7th 2007


In attendance:

Ken, Sunnylady, Lynn, Diane, Evan, Rainbowgrl, Sara, Lotus, Ash8Kewl, BarbG, Curtis, Respirer, Ax, Dorothy, JohnM, Jennie, Ntoto, Sammi, Becky66, Peter, Lane, Oddstruck, AllenH and Rickshaw


Reviewed and approved Agenda

Old Business: none

New Business:

A) New ops: Diane

B) Meeting Matrix

C) Revisit Banning and Devoicing Policies; clarify policies


Length of meeting 1:15


Meeting minutes:

1) motion made, seconded and carried to make Diane an op

2) Motion made, seconded and carried to make a meeting matrix to post to the website

3) Motion made that all one week bans be voted on in a regular meeting with ten people present after the logs of the incident have been presented. Motion Fails

A straw poll was taken on what would have made this biz meeting better. Results:


What worked well in the meeting?