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Start of #slaa2 buffer: Thu Dec 15 20:50:21 2005[19:01] * Now talking in #slaa2
[19:01] * Topic is 'Welcome to #SLAA Online Group (founded 1/30/96)'
[19:01] * Set by CStar on Thu Dec 15 09:53:05
[19:01] -CStar- Welcome to SLAA Online Room 2! Recover to live! Please join us here on the 15th of every month for
the monthly business meeting at 10pm EST.

[19:03] <Bethy> Alright, as far as the officers who are present know, we don't have anything of old business or on
the agenda from last time. The floor is open for new agenda.
[19:03] <Bethy> Or old agenda that is slipping our minds.
[19:03] <Lotus> !

[19:03] <Bethy> Thank you Lotus, go ahead.
[19:03] <Rain2rms> !
[19:04] <Lotus> We have the treasury issue on old bus
[19:04] <Lotus> and new business: speaker meetings for our anniversary

[19:10] <Rain2rms> yes. agenda items are:
[19:10] <Rain2rms> 1) standards for sharing length and how to enforce the share length
[19:11] <Rain2rms> 2) whether to allow all newcomers in the meeting to share in their first meeting,,, or not.
[19:11] <Rain2rms> done

[19:13] <Ken> I would like to add one item to the adgenda..
[19:13] <Ken> more or less consistency or rules definition to do with:
[19:13] <Ken> 1. When ppl are to put up their hands to share..

[19:19] <ewg> I move to close the agenda with the following items:...
[19:19] <ewg> Old Business - 7th Tradition...
[19:19] <ewg> New Business - Sharing length and enforcement....
[19:19] <ewg> Newcomer sharing preference....
[19:19] <ewg> and floor request courtesy...

[19:25] <VickyS> add a need to secretary postion to old bussiness

[19:30] <Bethy> Old: i. treasury - 7th tradition ii. secretary need New: i. Speaker meetings ii. prayer in
meetings being the serenity prayer iii. length of sharing and proper procedure iv. newcomers shares

[19:33] <Bethy> Okay, agenda passed with 2/3. :)

[19:34] <Bethy> i. treasury - 7th tradition. Lotus do you have anything new to present to us?

[19:34] <Lotus> I paid the renewal cost of the p o box
[19:34] <Lotus> and I am being charged monthly for the website

[19:35] <Lotus> I would like to make a motion that we begin to collect a seventh tradition for this meeting

[19:35] <VickyS> seconded
[19:35] <Lotus> by having donations sent to our p o box
[19:36] <Lotus> to cover the cost of our expenses
[19:36] <Lotus> and any left over donations can be sent to FWS

Vote taken

[19:47] <Bethy> passed

[19:47] <Bethy> ii. secretary position still vacant
[19:48] <carebear> !question

[19:54] <Bethy> i think that the position has been open long enough and that we've handled it quite well. i think
if someone comes forward to do the position, cool beans, but if not, then i think we've got it covered. done.

[19:57] <ewg> I move to cease actively seeking a new secretary until the next officer election.

vote taken

[20:00] <Bethy> Passed

[20:01] <Bethy> New agenda items: i. Speaker meetings as a tradition for our anniversary - this year will be the
10th year anniversary of SLAA Online.

[20:12] <Lotus> I make a motion
[20:12] <Lotus> that we have speaker meetings throughout January
[20:12] <Lotus> as is the tradition of our group
[20:13] <Lotus> ending on the last day of January
[20:13] <Lotus> as coordinated by the officers of the group
[20:13] <Lotus> done
[20:13] <ewg> ! second

Vote taken

[20:20] <Bethy> Passed

[20:30] <Bethy> okay agenda item ii. prayer in meeting rooms be the serenity prayer

[20:31] <Bethy> Okay, I konw this was Chris's agenda item...
[20:32] <Bethy> what I believe he was referring to was the meetings in #retreat run
a different script of prayer. and sometimes after a step meeting in #slaa we run
the 7th step prayer or the like. I don't think this needs to be changed as it's
not an all the time thing and it's for a special occassion thing or a rare
occassion thing.
[20:32] <Nova> ....
[20:32] <Bethy> We have no control over #retreat, they are their own group.
[20:32] <Bethy> But we also rarely run any other prayer. So i don't feel this is
an issue. done.
[20:32] <ewg> Thanks, Bethy
[20:32] <Nova> !
[20:33] <Bethy> Go ahead Nova
[20:33] <Nova> I make a motion to continue as per usual with the current prayer
format and topic at meetings at #SLAA
[20:33] <Rain2rms> ! second

vote taken

[20:36] <Bethy> passed

[20:37] <Bethy> okay agenda item iii. The length of sharing and the proper procedure in limiting time.

[20:38] <Bethy> The length of shares is limited to 5 minutes...unless the meeting is small enough each can share for
longer. The proper procedure has always been to caution in the room...I think when someone is sharing,t hey
rarely see the blinking screen at the top or ignore it thinking someone is just messaging them in themiddle of
their share, i know i don't look at them.
[20:39] <Bethy> So i think it needs to stay the same. Yes, some do not watch the time on shares, which we need to
so others can share...this would also eliminate the problem of the next agenda item! but that's to come in a
moment. we need to be training new ops to know the time and to abide by thtat time and enforce it

[20:40] <ewg> There is a script available for Ops to use in order to gently remind folks to wrap up...

[20:41] <ewg> a related issue thta missed the agenda, so I promised to squeeze it in here...
[20:41] <ewg> is the issue of requesting the floor....
[20:41] <ewg> before the chair has opened it to new shares...
[20:42] <ewg> this has frustrated some folks as it has also prevneted them from being able to share...
[20:42] <ewg> same problem...different cause...
[20:42] <ewg> so....
[20:42] <ewg> I'd like to make a compounded motion here...if I'm can be awake enough to get it right this time...

[20:43] <ewg> I move that Ops be instructed to enforce both proper time limits on sharing and managing of floor
[20:44] <ewg> using either existing scripts for time limits....
[20:44] <ewg> or gentle reminders of procedure in pm to those possible unaware of the procedures..

[20:44] <Rocky> second

Discussion ensues below:

[20:45] <Ken> I would like to propose that the method that this is handled is consistent.. I know from conversations
with tothers that the inconsistency seems to be more the issue..
[20:46] <Ken> What i would like to propose is that at the beginning of shares a simple reminder of the time "limit"
on shares is reminded..
[20:46] <Ken> and if ppl do request the floor before it is opened.. they do not get ignored..
[20:46] <Ken> they get handed the floor with a gentle reminder..
[20:46] <Ken> done
[20:46] <Bethy> !
[20:46] <Bethy> thanks Ken
[20:47] <Ken> go bethy
[20:47] <Nova> nobody move or type... I must find cigarettes
[20:47] <Bethy> Okay, well 1. I've never heard any complaints the way meetings have been run for the last year and
a half that i've been here.
[20:47] * Ken hands one to Nova
[20:47] <Bethy> 2. the scripts are there for a purpose as they have been looked over and approved by the group and
need to be used appropriately - which is a training issue
[20:48] <Bethy> 3. we have ops who have been here years and ops who have been here days
[20:48] <Bethy> with this we have a variety of techniques and prefernces
[20:48] <Bethy> we are all different
[20:48] <Bethy> communication is tough over the computer
[20:48] <Bethy> but the scripts make it easier for us to have a mutual basis for communication
[20:48] <Bethy> in changing anything that is already set, we will cause a lot of chaos and confusion
[20:48] <Bethy> i don't oppose change
[20:49] <Bethy> but i oppose making things more difficult than they are
[20:49] <Bethy> at the beginning of the meetings there *is* a reminder of time limits
[20:49] <Bethy> the ops need to be taught how to use the scripts correctly and appropriately
[20:49] <Bethy> but that's not a matter of changing the guidelines
[20:49] <Bethy> the raising of the hands before teh floor is opened
[20:50] <Bethy> when someone says done...
[20:50] <Bethy> the floor is open