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Incomplete business meeting notes, due to not having a secretary. However as soon as it was thought of the rest of the meeting was recreated here for the archives of minutes


Session Start: Sun May 15 19:48:22 2005
Session Ident: #slaa2
* Logging #slaa2 to 'logs\biz051505.starlink-irc'
<Circe> sure
<Circe> hold on
<Circe> I make a motion that we use angelfire to host the site, and that I circe will put up the old slaaonline website, and that I Circe will draw up a document in which, Cudbeme, Myself, circe and Jameela relinquish all rights to slaaonline's webiste, and that this document be sent to the three individuals involved for signature
<VJ> all in favor of this motion vote +...all oppose vote -...... all sustained vote x
<Circe> +
<CharlesC> +
<Lynn> +
<VJ> +
<VJ> we have an majority and doint think rocky is here
<Circe> ah
<VJ> so go ahead with the deal, circe
<Circe> cool!
<Circe> 1,8:)
<Circe> yeah~!
<Lynn> Wooo Hoooo
<Circe> at last my dream come true
<VJ> lol
<Circe> 1,12:)
<Circe> 1,3:)
<Circe> 1,8:)
<Circe> 1,7:)
<Circe> 1,4:)
<Circe> 1,13:)
<Circe> 5W 12O 3o 4H 7O 4o 13o 1!!!!!!!!
<Circe> eat crow Tim~!~~~~!!
<VJ> lets move on to the scripts...does that also have to do with the website, circe?
<Circe> lol
<Circe> no separate
<VJ> ok, can you let us know what the deal is with that?
<Circe> although
<Circe> we can post a link on the website
<Circe> to download scripts
<CharlesC> hurrah!
<Circe> and we have a page for new ops
<Circe> etiquette
<Circe> for the different things
<Circe> like doing door
<Circe> chairing the meeting etc.
<Circe> rright now the scripts link,
<Circe> is on yahoo
<VJ> !
<Circe> one sec
<Circe> 5The latest restored, safe scripts are now available for download. Go to: and it will download a script file to your computer. Then go to for instructions on how to load the scripts once in mIRC.
<Circe> 4if you have the old scripts it would be good to delete your old meeting folder in mIRC first, as well as the slaascripts.mrc file, to start over clean. Any questions, feel free to contact me by email:
<Circe> we can put a link
<Circe> to this link
<Circe> on our website
<Circe> done
<VJ> I need to request real quickly...
<VJ> that we have to extend this meeting to bring up the new elections...
<VJ> and will try to do that in an expedient manner after this is taken care of...done
<Circe> I agree
<VJ> ok back to the scripts
<Lynn> !
<VJ> any questions/discussions for circe?
<VJ> go ahead Lynn
<Lynn> Are these the same scripts that have been available for a few months?
<Circe> yes
<Circe> buy
<Circe> but
<Circe> there was a small glitch
<Circe> that was corrected a couple of months ago
<Circe> the .mrc file was missing
<Circe> so people couldn't load it
<Circe> now it's there
<Circe> done
<VJ> that does help
<CharlesC> AH!
<VJ> any more questions and discussion?
<VJ> !
<Circe> go VJ
<VJ> does anyone have access to these scripts to download them? done
<Circe> huh?
<Circe> not sure what you mean
<Circe> if you go to the above link
<Circe> you can download them
<VJ> ok so you give this information out in the room? for anyone?
<Circe> run your cursor over the address
<Circe> no
<Circe> only to ops
<Circe> or new ops
<Circe> vicky has this inof
<Circe> steve does
<Circe> I do
<Circe> that's it as far as I know
<VJ> ok so there are just certain officers, etc who have access to this
<Circe> yes
<VJ> and give this out to people ok
<VJ> ty
<Circe> it is not widely disbursed
<Circe> but
<Circe> if we put it on the website
<Circe> anyone can get it
<Circe> so that may not be a good idea
<Circe> doen
<VJ> !
<Circe> go VJ
<VJ> I havent had the time to go to the meetings that have been in charge of guidelines....
<VJ> but request that maybe new OPs do 'door' for awhile first before being given access to the scripts and being ops
<VJ> because it does take awhile before people get a hang of things
<VJ> that is really not on this same subject
* Circe nods
<VJ> but wanted to put it down somewhere and sorry for interjecting it here
* CharlesC recommends VJ send that request directly to Maggie.
<VJ> done
<Circe> !
* VJ is duly embarrassed now :)
<VJ> go ahead circe
<Circe> motion
<VJ> go ahead circe
<Circe> I make a motion that we do not
<Circe> post the link for scripts
<Circe> on website
<Circe> and that new ops be directed to myself
<Circe> or VIcky s. the webmaster and co webmaster
<Circe> to get the scripts
<Circe> and have their mask added
<Circe> also if you like
<Circe> wait done
<Circe> on motion
<VJ> !
<Circe> then I will make anotehr suggestion
<Circe> done
<Circe> go VJ
<VJ> can we possibly put in that this is the job of the webmaster and cowebmaster ...
<VJ> maybe outgoing can help though too?
<VJ> done
<Circe> I believe it is already, part of it
<Circe> part of all officers
<Circe> !
<VJ> ok go ahead circe
<Circe> anyone at 400 level
<Circe> can give scripts and make someone an op
<Circe> okay,
<Circe> here is my further suggestion
<Circe> that you guys copy above script info
<Circe> and paste into your alias
<VJ> done
<Circe> so that if you want to you can give it
<Circe> out to new ops
<Circe> only officers that is
<Circe> done
<VJ> ty
<CharlesC> Thanks Circe
<Circe> break it up into two pieces
<VJ> any other suggestions or discussion?
<Circe> other wise it will be too long
* CharlesC thinks the new scripts look very good
<Circe> 1,8:)
<Circe> they are squeaky clean
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<VJ> hold on
<VJ> we dont have a second to the motion on the floor
<CharlesC> second
<VJ> ok
<VJ> now is there any more discussion before we vote?
<VJ> if not lets vote on the motion on the floor
<CharlesC> +
<VJ> all in favor vote +...all opposed vote -...abstained vote x
<Lynn> +
<VJ> +
<Circe> +
* VJ sets mode: +v Ayla
<VJ> i dont think that rocky is here right now
<Ayla> x
<VJ> so the vote passes
<Circe> yes
<VJ> do you want to go ahead with the process voted on circe?
<Rocky> wait, someone say my name?
<VJ> :)
<Rocky> oh yeah, not voting!
<Circe> yes
<Circe> I will
<VJ> ok then thats a green light for that subject
<Circe> what the hell am I supposed to do? I forgot already! lolk
<Circe> kidding
<VJ> now the final thing we need to discuss is the upcoming elections
<VJ> :)
<Circe> getting old is hell
<VJ> ok
<VJ> there needs to be elections advertised...
<VJ> on here for upcoming election in June
<VJ> for all offices
<VJ> and should be here possibly as a header
<VJ> when people sign into the room
<Circe> yes
<VJ> the floor is open with suggestions and comments done
<Circe> !
<VJ> go ahead circe
<Circe> does anyone know how to do the banner?
<Circe> done
<VJ> hold on
<VJ> let me see if I can ask
<VJ> brb
<VJ> floor is still open
<Circe> I used to know ho
<Circe> how
<Circe> but have forgotten
<Circe> and would need to research it
* Rocky has quit IRC
<Circe> Steve knows
<CharlesC> !
<Circe> but he hasn't been here in a while
<Circe> done
<Circe> go Charles
<CharlesC> Do we have a protocol for managing elections here?
<Circe> yes
<Circe> it is on the website
<Circe> 1,8:)
<Circe> love that website
<Circe> everything we ever need to know!
<Circe> lol
<VJ> its called a welcome message
<Circe> yes
<VJ> to set one...
<VJ> im copying, hold on
<Circe> k
<VJ> <Amazing> type /msg cstar chanopt #channelname WELCOME welcomemsghere
<Circe> cool
<Circe> I will do it
<Circe> I will get the verbage
<VJ> ok good
<Circe> from out website
<CharlesC> !
<Circe> and post it
<Circe> done
<VJ> go ahead charles
<CharlesC> I move that our chair be empowered to hold elections per the guidelines already agreed upon in group conscience, and that any officers needed to assist also be empowered.
<VJ> hold on
<VJ> i have a problem with this
<VJ> because right now I am acting as chair
<VJ> but our 'chair' has officially sort of quit, i think
<VJ> done
<VJ> plus i dont understand the wording on it done again
<CharlesC> hehe
<CharlesC> Simpler wording:
* Retrieving #slaa2 modes...
<VJ> for simple people...
<CharlesC> We have guidelines by which to hold elections. It doesn't really need discussion. Let's just do it!
<CharlesC> :)
<VJ> figure that all good wording a 4th grader understands
<Circe> yes
<Circe> it's on the website
<VJ> im lost
<VJ> im not that dumb either
<VJ> so it needs to be explained to me, what this means...done
<Circe> how about this,
<Circe> I will email the page
<Circe> to each officer
<Circe> and other interested parties
<Circe> for election procedures
<Circe> to begin in june I believ
<Circe> from the website
<Circe> done
<VJ> hold on
<VJ> i thought we were discussing..
<VJ> putting up a welcome banner ...
<VJ> asking for people to ....
<Circe> yes
<VJ> accept nominations
<Circe> that too
<VJ> didnt know that took a procedure
<VJ> done
<VJ> lets do one thing at atime, ok?
<Circe> no it doesn't
<VJ> lets finish that up then move on, if you dont mind
<Circe> ok,
* Circe is sorry
* CharlesC I guess I don't think that you need a motion and a vote to simply publicize an election
<VJ> but I am runnning the meeting...
<VJ> and I need to understand or else...
<VJ> the meeting runs awry...
<VJ> do if you dont mind...
<VJ> I would like to continue...
<VJ> in the way that I see as most effective...
<VJ> done
<CharlesC> There is a motion on the floor.
<CharlesC> I withdraw.
<VJ> im lost again
<Circe> !
<VJ> this is getting a bit too complex for me to understand, sorry
<VJ> go ahead circe
<Circe> okay, let's make it simple
<Circe> I make a motion
<Circe> that we examine the election guidelines
<Circe> from the website
<Circe> to be sent to the officers and interested parties
<Circe> and follow that procedure
<Circe> done
<VJ> isnt that the job of the guideline committee? and they are...
<VJ> to present that at the meetings?
<VJ> done
<CharlesC> !
<VJ> go ahead charles
<CharlesC> The guidelines committee, as I remember it, only addresses safety issues...not election issues.
<CharlesC> Am I mistaken here?
<CharlesC> done
<Circe> !
<VJ> go ahead circe
<Circe> the guideline commitee,
<Circe> is looking at changing past guidelines
<Circe> but they have not changed anything yet as I am aware of
<Circe> I could be wrong
<Circe> and I don't think they have changed the voting procedures
* CharlesC nods
<Circe> and what I am saying is that I have the old procedures
<Circe> on the website
<Circe> wcich I woudl be happy to share
<Circe> to refresh our memorys
<Circe> of how it is supposed to go
<Circe> done
<VJ> thanks so much circe
<CharlesC> !
<VJ> !
<VJ> go ahead charlesc
<CharlesC> Yes, VJ. The Guidelines Committee has drawn up some of the revised guidelines. But we are hard at work, and there is much to do....
<CharlesC> Also, all the work we do will have to be ratified by this group...
<CharlesC> before they become official...
<CharlesC> So for right now...the guidelines on the website are current...
<CharlesC> save for the fact that three ops have to agree to ban someone...per a motion a few months ago.
* Circe nods
* CharlesC we might want to verify that motion
<CharlesC> Done
<VJ> !
<VJ> ok
<Circe> go vj
* Ayla has quit IRC (Killed (<10d 15May05 Itsy> timf you trog .. stay gone.))
<VJ> what I figure at this moment in reviewing and thank you ...
<Circe> wooohooooo
<Circe> sorry
<VJ> for revisiting my request for clarification...
<VJ> is that the 'old' ...
<VJ> vote procedures...'
<VJ> havent been visited yet by the guideline committee....
<VJ> and if they havent visited them yet...
<VJ> to 'quickly' do this now...
<VJ> because of upcoming elections seems a bit overwhelming
<VJ> done
<CharlesC> !
<VJ> go ahead charlesc
<Circe> !
<CharlesC> The guidelines committee meets next Sunday at 4:00ET. We would be happy to address the elections guidelines at that meeting and recommend changes...
<CharlesC> but the Group Conscience of SLAA Online would STILL have to ratify those changes, unless you give us advance approval...which hardly seems in our best interests as a group.
<CharlesC> done
<Circe> !
<VJ> go ahead circe
<Circe> I believe it would be very chaotic and unproductive to change what has been working for many years one month prior to the elections
<Circe> so I am not in favor of rushing
<Circe> to do this
<Circe> what we have works
<Circe> if it works don't fix it!
<Circe> done
<VJ> thanks circe
<VJ> think we have an agreement pretty much and I dont now recall if there is a motion on hte floor or not
<VJ> let me check unless someone has it handy
<VJ> done
<Circe> yes
<Circe> there is
<Circe> !
<VJ> what is it, pray tell?
<VJ> go ahead
<Circe> restate the motion
<CharlesC> <Circe> I make a motion
<CharlesC> [20:21] <Circe> that we examine the election guidelines
<CharlesC> [20:21] <Circe> from the website
<CharlesC> [20:21] <Circe> to be sent to the officers and interested parties
<CharlesC> [20:21] <Circe> and follow that procedure
<CharlesC> [20:21] <Circe> done
<Circe> one sec
<Circe> yes
<Circe> that's itQ!
<Circe> 1,8:)
<VJ> go ahead
<Circe> done
<VJ> ok
<CharlesC> second was not made
<CharlesC> I second
<VJ> ok
<VJ> any more discussion?
<VJ> !
<Circe> go vj
<VJ> this is upcoming quickly and needs to be taken care of on the banner in the first of June....
<VJ> to delay this til the 15th will add more difficulties in the elections...
<VJ> can we possibly ratify this to put a date this banner be changed?
<Circe> yes
<VJ> done
<Circe> I will do it tonight
<Circe> or tomorrow
<VJ> ok ty
<Circe> if you like
<VJ> i do
<Circe> or wait till end of june?
<Circe> I mean may
<VJ> may, yes
<VJ> maybe put that in the motion?
<Circe> for it banner to go up now
<Circe> or may 31?
<VJ> may 31
<VJ> !
<Circe> go vjh
<VJ> another issue that will arise....
<VJ> is that if no one or cudbme isnt watching...
<VJ> the yahoo frequently or even weekly...
<VJ> there might be an issue....
<VJ> done
<CharlesC> !
<VJ> go ahead charles
<CharlesC> If we can pass this first motion...
<CharlesC> I have a motion that will address this concern VJ.
<VJ> ok, I just sort of wanted it all in there
<VJ> but if you would like it that way, then fine
<VJ> All in favor of the motion ...
<CharlesC> +
<Lynn> +
<VJ> <CharlesC> [20:21] <Circe> that we examine the election guidelines
<VJ> <CharlesC> [20:21] <Circe> from the website
<VJ> <CharlesC> [20:21] <Circe> to be sent to the officers and interested parties
<VJ> <CharlesC> [20:21] <Circe> and follow that procedure
<VJ> <CharlesC> [20:21] <Circe> done
<VJ> <Circe> one sec
<VJ> all opposed -
<VJ> you guys are too quick
<VJ> :)
<CharlesC> sorry!
<VJ> +
<Circe> +
<VJ> thats everyone
<Circe> 1,8:)
<CharlesC> yep
<CharlesC> !
<VJ> go ahead charles
<CharlesC> I move that we set aside a separate email address strictly for SLAA Online Election matters...done
<Circe> mmmmmmm
<Circe> !
<VJ> go ahead circe
<Circe> this is a good idea
<Circe> we can make it an address like
<CharlesC> :)
<Circe> we could also set up an email address at angel fire for this purpose
<Circe> with a link for people right from the website
<Circe> to vote
<Circe> we can do both
<Circe> done
<VJ> good
<VJ> do we have a second?
<Circe> second
<Lynn> secomd
<VJ> ok
<VJ> any discussion or questions?
<VJ> ok lets vote then and please wait...
<VJ> til the motion is posted and the vote is called...
<VJ> Motion that we set aside a separate email address strictly for SLAA Online Election matters
<VJ> All in favor vote +... all opposed -...abstain x
<CharlesC> +
<Circe> +
<VJ> +
<Lynn> +
<VJ> ty all
<CharlesC> yw
<VJ> now lets close the meeting
<VJ> God grant me the serenity to accept...
<VJ> the things I cannot change...
<VJ> the courage to change the things I can...
<VJ> and the wisdom to know the difference...
<VJ> Amen
<Circe> Amen
<Lynn> Amen
<CharlesC> Keep coming back...It works if you work it, and YOU'RE WORTH IT!
<Circe> thank you all, for your vote of confidence in me
<Circe> be patient with me
<CharlesC> :)
<Circe> I have a lot of work to do
<VJ> if we arent patient, Circe...
<Circe> I made a note of it all
<Circe> 1,8:)
<Lynn> Thank you Circe!!
<Circe> yes
<VJ> its our job to improve it in ourselves
<Circe> very
<CharlesC> haha
<Circe> 1,8:)
<CharlesC> you are wise young jedi knight!
<Circe> thanks again
<Circe> very good productive meeting
<VJ> thank you
<CharlesC> Three cheers for VJ!
<VJ> bye all
<Lynn> Thanks Vicki for your service
* VJ has quit IRC
<Circe> 10 Good night All!! ((((((Room))))))))
<Lynn> Nite Susan and Charles
Session Close: Sun May 15 20:42:58 2005