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Business meeting of SLAAonline on February 15th, 2005

Topics Discussed were:

The CoChair, Liasion and webmaster nominations were discussed.

A motion to vote on Co-Chair and open nominations for the other two positions to the general membership for a period of two weeks, at which time the officer will inform all ops of nominees and for another period of two weeks the general membership will vote was motioned, seconded and carried. Vicki (VJ) was elected Co-Chair.

At the suggestion of Susan as acting webmaster, she was nominated and voted by the majority to take on the position of webmaster to sustain continuity of service.

A motion to leave guidelines as they are and ask for nominations from the general membership to be sent to slaaonline for the officers to review and acceptance was seconded and carried.

A motion to add nomination announcements to the SLAA BANNER was seconded – voted and carried.

A new meeting at 6:00 p.m. PST 7 days a week on slaarecovery was announced.
Topics on various nights...
Step of the month eg this month we are focusing on Step Two
Tradition of the month determined in the same way...
And then getting current is always an option.

A motion "Pending guidelines committee findings being ratified by this here group conscience bans will only be issued with the agreement of two ops AND the chair of SLAA online was seconded and carried.

Meeting adjourned with the serenity prayer.