Business Meeting opens at 10:04pm EST on 8/15/04 with members of Toni Ket Lynn Marabel Rob Steve Charles Susan Jam Jay jeri Joseph Sue Vicki present.

Steve opens the meeting with inquiring about the approval of previous business minutes that have yet to arrive in his hands and states: "But, I've yet to recieve them" and then states "so, we'll start with new business. Three items. Elections for webmaster/co-webmaster and two ptotential new meetings. Any other new business before we begin?

No respose.

Steve states: OK, so that's the agenda. Plus old business after we get the minutes and a review of the minutes, if we get them. Onward!

Ket interupts, then says sorry.

Steve continues, "There's a little confusion regarding the elections and the closing date. I've heard that the 13th was the close; but, several votes were reieved today. Shall we tally votes received after the 13th?

CharlesC raises his hand. Ket states yes to Steve's question.

Steve continues with, "When does (or did) the election close? then gives the floor to Charles.

CharlesC makes a motion to tally votes recieved after the 13th.

Circe says "Ok by me"

Vicki raises her hand for the floor and Steve gives Vicki the floor. Vicki shares, "I posted in the meetings for a week or 2 to send votes in by the 13th. I think that Toni told me that date as well. How many people voted after the 13th?

Ket raises her hand, Steve gives her the floor, and she states: i personally voted after the 13th. Lack of organization. I believe we should hear the conscience of the group and hear all votes. Normally people don't vote.

Circe nods.

Ket continues with, "so i see it (even though some votes are late) as a move forward to hear the conscience of the group".

Steve states: " okay, motion and second are on the floor. Let's vote.

VJ raises her hand for the floor.

Steve continues with stating the motion declared by CharlesC to tally the votes received after the 13th. He then states the second that Ket stated. Then says, "All are encouraged to vote."

VJ interjects "I did ask a question, is it going to be answered?"

CharlesC supports VJ comment with "Can I hear an answer to VJ's question? It makes a difference to my vote".

Steve asks the room is anyone has an answer for Vicki.

JayFitz repeats Vicki's question, "how many people voted after the 13th?"

Donatella comments "looks about 5 people".

Steve says "I think the answer is 3"

CharlesC says "5?"

Circe asks, "How many voted before the 13th?"

Ket blurts out, "Yes, I did!"

Steve says, "Toni, do you know how many voted before?"

Ket retracts her statement, "Sorry, I did not"

Meanwhile, back at the slaa box, Marabel is checking vote tallies.

CharlesC hums the Jeapardy theme

Donatella runs to the SLAA mailbox to seek out the answer to Steve's question.

RobLynx states "What's the vote on?"

Circe answers "Webmaster and Co-webmaster".

Rob thanks her.

Steve reiterates his previous questions regarding the vote closing and weather to tally votes after closing.

Donatella responds with "Two voted before the 13th according to my mail count"

CharlesC laughs

Circe says "only 1=2!"

VJ remarks, "That's too bad".

Circe exclaims, "2!"

CharlesC exclaims, OK

Ket interjects "my point exactly".

Circe then says, "We definately should count every vote we get"

Ket & Jeri agreed

Steve bring up a new question, "Do we count votes cast until now?"

Marabel raises her hand

However, Steve continues with, "or extend for a week or so?"

Ket says, "Yes"

Steve gives Marabel the floor.

Marabel shares "Is it my understanding that nominations took place for two weeks followed by voting for two weeks which, if voting began on the 16th (the day after the last biz meeting) I mean, NOMINATIONS, they would be completed on the 30th of July and two weeks from that date would be the 13th of August..which would be this past Friday.

Ket raises her hand and Steve gives her the floor. Ket says, "It my understanding of the spirit of the fellowship to represent the concience of the group, not rules, sure we need rules, at the last group concience, i ask for the vote to be held in the open here in slaa2"

CharlesC brings a Point of order: "There is a motion on the floor."

Ket resumes with, "and if it is my understanding we only have a total of say 7 votes all told."

Sue then interjects, "Are they all for one person?"

Ket says, "the group concience is not being represented"

CharlesC raises his hand.

Steve remarks, "three names are in the running for two positions, motion is on the floor. Shall we vote?"

Donnatella nods

Steve hands floor to Charles

Ket says yes.

CharlesC says, "Call the question."

Steve restates, "there's little confusion regarding the elections, and the closing date i've heard that the 13th was the close but several votes were recieved today. Shall we tally votes receieved after the 13th? Then Steve repeats what CharlesC said, "I make a motion to tally votes received after the 13th" and then repeats Ket's "seconding the motion".

Steve then says, ALL are encouraged to vote. Please type + for yes; - for no; x for abstain

Ket interjects, "yes".

Yes votes = 9
No votes = 2
Abstains = 2

Steve then says, "Ok, that's a majority; but, we'll hear the minority. Vicky or Lynn?"

Lynn says, "It is just my opinion that when dates are clearly given with lots of notice that they should be followed.

Steve says, "Thanks Lynn. Vicky?"

Vicki says, "I agree with Lynn. and think we need to all learn to be responsible. That is part of our recovery."

Steve says, "Thanks. Let's vote again."

Yes = 6
No = 2
Abstains = 6

Steve states "motion carries, I think." then smiles.

Susan and Ket smile.

CharlesC asks, "So the results are?"

Steve asks, "Marabel, are you prepared to announce the results?"

Marabel is counting voting ballets.

Jam is having a Chad flashback.

Marabel states, "so far..a number of votes were rec'd on the 15th and a few were rec'd before then. Hold on."

CharlesC hums the NBC News theme

Room breaks into laughter.

Joseph makes a polling joke.

Jay also makes a polling joke.

VJ jokingly exclaims, "Recall!"

CharlesC wonders how a recall is possible before the returns are in.

Everyone smiles.

Joseph wonders how much this room weighs.

Jameela says, "the suspence is killing me!"

JayFitz says, "heard the poll rumors from joseph"

Circe Laughs.

CharlesC "You could cut the tension with a tension cutting device"

Jameela passes out from holding her breath.

Jay laughs.

Circe has butterflys in her tummy.

Jeri joins Jameela on the floor.

Jameela laughs.

CharlesC rolls the timpani.

JayFitz think Jameela is trying to imitate a smurf.

Ket smiles.

Joseph passes out Popsicles.

Ket, Jam and Jeri laugh.

Joseph passes out.

Marabel states, "God it!".

Ket says, "ok".

Circe laughs.

Marabel states, "Final results are".. then pauses....

Steve exclaims "woohoo"...

JayFitz sighs "phew".

CharlesC Hails of derisive laughter Bruce.

Marabel reads off the tally, "6 votes for Jameela as webmaster, 8 votes for circe as cowebmaster and looks like Jameela is our webmaster and Circe our cowebmaster

Steve hugs Jay.

Ket shoots off fireworks for Jameela in celebration.

Marabel sighs in relief.

JayFitz pouts "didn't get an votes".

Circe exclaims, "WooOooHooOOOOooo!!"

Ket shoots off fireworks for Circe in celebration.

Steve says, "Congrats new fellow officers". Then smiles.

Ket hugs Jay also.

Jeri also Hugs Jay.

Joseph hugs Jameela, Circe and Jay.

Circe exclaims, "Wow!"

Jeri says, "Congrats to the officers!".

VJ encourages Jay with, "I voted for you Jay, you got my vote!". Smiles.

Circe is shaking in her boots with gratitude.

Ket squeezes Jay so tightly it forces Jay into UpperCase {{{JAY}}}

Circe hugs Jay.

Jayfitz grabs tissues from Jameela.

Marabel says, "yep, you definitely got votes for Web Jay, but not as many as Jameela".

Donatella says yes Jay did get votes

Marabel hugs Jay.

Jeri hugs Jay.

Jameela cries like Miss America.

Donatella smiles.

Ket laughs.

Marabel smiles.

VJ giggles.

Jameela hugs Jay.

Ket Hugs Jameela

CharlesC exclaims, "SOME DECORUM HERE PEOPLE!"

Steve asks, "how many votes for Jay? (for completeness and accuracy)"

CharlesC giggles.

JayFitz says, "Congratulations you too".

Marabel sings, "here she is miss america". Then smiles.

Joseph snaps photos.

Donatella thanks Marabel. Then smiles.

Jameela laughs.

Marabel says, "Jay got 3 votes for Webmaster and one vote for co web"

Jeri says, "Thanks Marabel."

Steve says, "Thanks Marabel".

Circe hugs Jameela.

Marabel says, "You're welcome."

Joseph says, "Thanks Marabel!"

Steve says, "I hope Jay will still serve on the website committee. Let's move on."

Everybody declares they hope the same as Steve does for Jay.

Steve says, "We love ya man".

JayFitz, "sigh".

Steve says, "Two perspective new meetings".

Steve says, "Charles?"

CharlesC raises hand.

CharlesC says, "I am interested in starting a Big Book study meeting on Sundays at 4:30PM ET"

Jeri says, "Cool!".

CharlesC says, "The format would be simple. Opening readings. How it works from the Big Book adapted for SLAA Twelve Traditions. And then simply...a section of the Big Book to start with, in sequence from Title Page to p. 173.

Circe raises her hand.

CharlesC says, "almost done...your question may be answered", then continues with, "Followed by sharing on that passage of experience strength and hope with that step in particular or the steps in general. We will ask that sharing be limited to experience regarding sex addiction and recovery, and that this particular meeting not be used for resolution of outside issues. We are here to carry this message of hope in this particular meeting. Circe, did you still have a question?

Circe says, "Yes".

Steve says, "Go ahead, Susan, I'm next."

Rob_lynx says, "then me".

Circe says, "do you have scripts for the big book passages, because if not that is a lot of work to prepare those scripts"

Donatella says, "then me".

CharlesC continues with, " I don't currently, but the Big Book is available in electronic versions which will not be hard to script, and since we are only doing one passage a week it shouldn't be hard to comprise the scripts at that pace. Next q Steve?"

Sue says, Are you using AA or SLAA literature?

Steve says, "I agree with Charles' answer. I copied and pasted the traditions tonight in about 3 minutes flat. Not difficult, a passage at a time. I like the idea alot.

Jeri nods

Ket screams out, "ME TOO!"

Steve says, "Recovery began with the steps as written in the big book with one caveat and a minor correction and a question (perhaps rhetorical). Caveat is I think we need 3-4 ops to step forward and commit to leading this new meeting.

CharlesC says, "I have Peter K, Jeri and Ket so far."

Jeri affirms in agreement.

CharlesC says, "Well Peter and Ket for sure and now Jeri!" Then, giggles.

Steve says, "correction is that sex and love addiction and anorexia (not just sex addiction) are fair game"

CharlesC says, "Absolutely".

Steve says, "Question is with regard to intellectual property."

Ket raises her hand.

Steve continues with, "we might want to refrain from scripting it as that might be seen as infringing on the copyright of laws."

CharlesC says, "OK, the Big Book (1st edition) in which the first 164 pp. and Doctor Bob's Nightmare"

Circe ponders.

Steve continues with, "as if we're reading from the aa site to our chat room."

CharlesC says, "is public domain".

Circe and Jeri nod.

Ket says, "I have the readings only of as Bill see's it on script"

Steve turns over the floor to Rob.

Circe nods.

Rob asks permission for two questions.

CharlesC says, "Shoot."

Steve whispers, "then Toni, then Ket."

Rob says, "1: we need time posting for anorexia meeting changed from10 to 7pm edt we would like it changed. 2: How can a new operator get scripts? That's it.

Ket says, "Thanks Rob".

CharlesC says, "perhaps handled in query?"

VJ raises her hand.

Steve says, " I'll address your quesions, Rob. But let's stay on topic for now, Toni?" Then steve says, "Then Ket, then Vicki"

Donatella says, "quick question: It was my understanding that the only requirement to start a meeting is two trusted servants to sign up, is that correct? if that's the case then the discussion is not needed right? or is the issue that we need to approve aa literature? (would just like to save time here)"

Steve says, "Ket?"

Ket says, "No need."

CharlesC says, "I simply would like a group affirmation of the meeting."

Donatella says, "Ok, Thank You.", then smiles.

Steve says, "Ok, Vicki."

VJ says, "I tend to agree with Tonis ? about bringing AA literature into an SLAA meeting and think it is relevant."

CharlesC asks, "May I respond?"

Steve agrees with VJ, then hands floor to CharlesC.

CharlesC says, "It seems to me that we bring AA literature (adapted) into our meetings everytime we read steps and traditions."

Ket and Jeri nod.

VJ remarks that she is familiar with AA.

Lynn raises her hand.

CharlesC says, "Plus...groups are autonomous except in matter affecting other groups or SLAA as a whole."

Sue asks, "Then why not use our own literature?"

Rob_Lynx says, "Anything in AA big book is conference approved."

Steve says, "one at a time, folks, please."

VJ says, "bringing Alanon literature into AA is not approved, bringing AA literature into Alanon isnt approved."

Steve says, "Charles has the floor, followed by Lynn."

CharlesC says, "Mainly this can happen because a group of us wish to found a meeting using this material, and simply wish to rent space from SLAA online to do it."

Steve hands floor to Lynn.

Lynn says, "My question is why don't we study the SLAA text ... this is not an AA meeting? And yes I realize that the Big Book is the basis to our fellowship but our fellowship was started because there was a distinct need for our focus and so our literature was written. Why is there a need to re-write something else once again?"

These persons are now in the room: Toni Ket Lynn Marabel Rob Steve Charles Susan Jam Jay jeri Sue Vicki .

VJ nods.

Ket raises her hand.

CharlesC says, "My response is: You are free to."

Steve hands Ket the floor, then raises his own hand for the next share.

Ket says, "Its been my experience that the slaa handbook is very informative the AAbig book to me is a basic text with written instuctions on how to work the steps in my life so that i may be free of this disease i suffer."

Steve says, "This is an emotionally charged issue for several reasons, i suppose many in our group are afraid of introducing new literature though we have done just that in our 11th step meetings"

Ket nods

Steve continues, "Using 'as bill sees it' for discussion topics. But there's another issue that's much larger, I think. What are we? This group here? A group with 20 or so meetings or an intrgroup with lots of interdependant groups/meetings?"

Ket raises her hand.

Steve continues, "I think we're not going to be able to answer that question tonight it requires thought and discussion and meditation of course any two addicts can form a new group, but can any two addicts form a new meeting here? I propose we table the issue for now,

Ket again raises hand.

Steve continues, "unless there is strong opposition."

Ket again raises hand.

Steve continues, "as we need to discuss the scripts."

Steve hands the floor to Ket, then smiles.

Ket says, "Ok, just because this meeting will have aprticular flavor doesn't mean it is seperate or wants to be normal behavior that i see if people don't won't to attend they don't"

Jeri nods

VJ raises her hand.

Ket continues, "lots leave after the 10.00pm meeting and don't stay for the 11 st and others come just for that meeting the 11 st meeting."

Steve says, "please wrap it up, Ket, it's getting late"

Ket says, "whats wrong with catering for all needs?"

In the room present are: Toni Ket Lynn Marabel Steve Charles Susan Jam Jay jeri Vicki

Ket says, "ther is no meeting now in that time slot. also many here recommand hope and recovery as a big to work the steps by in meetings this is neither approved by slaa or AA This is a meeting to brimg hope to many of us who are struggling."

Steve hands the floor to Vicki.

VJ says, "I appreciate this topic being tabled til next meeting and would also possibly suggest since so many people are interested in it that also an additional channel on irc to just cover AA Big Book studies might be helpful."

CharlesC asks for the floor.

Steve hands the floor to CharleC.

CharlesC says, "I ask for the question to be called. This is very simple. Is SAA Online willing to give space in either SLAA 1 or SLAA 2 to a viable group of at least three addicts that wants to start a group? If we can't work out the scripts, that is a technical matter. If there is issue with it, then that is about personalities and not principles."

Ket and Jeri nod.

CharlesC continues, "What our group does is, by the traditions adopted by this group, autonomous and this intergroup is not an authority except by a group conscience. I will abide by the current group conscience.
I mean heck, I'm gonna take people through this book no matter what. So I don't really want to waste this group's time. Call the question.

VJ states, "thought it was going to be tabled by the chairs request."

CharlesC retorts, "The chair can change his mind."

Steve replies, "sorry, Charles ... i disagree."

Ket objects, "I opposed strongly."

Steve says, "I think the meeting is a wonderful idea."

Jeri agrees.

Steve continues, " and would bring much recovery, but i'm not sure we're an intergroup and thus, the new meeting is not a group, per se"

Ket interupts, " its just a new meeting."

Steve continues, "and if the meeting is under the purview of this group then group conscience must be considered. I love the big book.

CharlesC interupts, "so let's consider it."

Steve continues, "some in our group are opposed and some are ambivalent we first need to decide if we have the power to decide meaning are we an intergroup?"

CharlesC interjects, "OK."

Steve continues, "if so, Charles is correct"

CharlesC interupts, "when this is decided, please let me know. My wife wants to use the computer.", then smiles.

Steve continues, "Any two addicts may form this new group so, we're tabled."

CharlesC injects, "It's a fair cop."

Steve Continues, " Jay has new business as well."

CharlesC interupts, "I must slip out folks...thanks for your service."

Jay raises his hand.

Steve hands the floor to Jay.

Jay says, "I'm not sure what i need to do, but I would like to start or have someone else start a mens meeting once a week."

Circe and Jeri say good night to CharlesC.

Steve suggests, " i would suggest the same i suggested before that you line up at least one more op and preferably a few more that are willing to commit then, we can add it to our list of meetings further discussion?

Lynn raises her hand.

Steve hands Lynn the floor.

Lynn says, "> I would just like to say this has nothing to do with personalities as was stated. I follow the Traditions and am insulted to be told that my opinion is based on anything but my own feelings following those Traditions."

Steve says, "thanks Lynn. I hope my tersenss hasn't been insulting to you perhaps i tried to move the meeting along too quickly."

Lynn raises her hand again.

Steve continues, "all of our oppinions matter." Then hands the floor to Lynn.

Lynn says, " I feel you did your best to chair this meeting but there were many uncalled for comments being made throughout it. Where is our Unity tonight.

Ket raises her hand.

Lynn continues, "This makes me sad to see such disrespect being shown."

Steve says, "Thanks Lynn. Any further discussion on jay's suggestion?"

Ket says, "Nope."

Steve says, " Jay, are you prepared to make a motion?"

Jay says, "yes"

Steve says, "Go for it."

Jay says, "I motion that we consider starting a mens meeting once a week."

Jeri raises her hand.

Steve hands Jeri the floor.

Jeri seconds the motion.

Steve says, "k, motion and second."

Vote goes to the floor with these members present: Toni Ket Lynn Marabel Steve Susan Jam Jay jeri Joseph Vicki

Yes votes = 11

Motion carries.

Steve says, "Congratulations Jay." Then smiles.

VJ raises her hand.

Steve hands floor to Vicki.

Vicki says, "Earlier somone brought up the scripts and it is probably the most important thing we could do tonight since they need to be re-done. I would like to help in re-doing these scripts and dont know if this is on the agenda but we can not get any NEW ops until we have current scripts."

Jay raises his hand.

Jeri nods.

Vicki continues, "plus we cant really make any current updated schedules w/o new scripts and we need to encourage ALL ops to actually do more service work."

Steve hands floor to Jay.

Jay says, "I am willing to help on the scripts committee as well."

Circe says, "Great Jay."

Jeri and Circe smile.

Steve exclaims, "woohooo!"

Ket says, "Great."

Ket raises her hand.

Circe exclaims, "WooOooHooOOOooo!"

Steve hands floor to Ket.

Jam raises her hand.

Ket says, "i would like to ask the groupp since i placed strong oppoistion to Steve's tabling of the meeting can i give a motion tonight or place a motion."

Steve says, " i don't want to be accused of shutting anyone out. But really don't feel I did I feel that was unwarranted, Ket. You were most certainly heard."

Circe remarks, "I'm exhausted from singlehandedly running meeting next door and talking to two newcomers simaltaneouly" then listens quietly.

Steve continues, "but, it seems, you didn't hear me."

Ket interupts, "you did not let the group decided"

Steve retorts, " i have the floor"

Jeri hugs Circe.

Steve continues, "please these constant interruptiions must not occur. I've maintained calm to this point but am feeling a bit angry now let's get back on track.

Ket laughs.

Steve continues, "i think Jameela would like to share on scripts." Then hands floor to Jameela.

Jam says, "I was just putting it out on the floor to decide a meeting time for the first scripts committee meeting, I've been reviewing many great ideas and had input from the starlink admins just need to sit down with everyone"

Ket smiles.

Jam continues, "so we can execute. Not sure how to set it up."

VJ raises her hand.

Vicki proposes, "Can we possibly set up a scripts meeting this wednesday in slaa2 at 7 pm est?"

Steve says, "i second Vicki's proposed date/time. Any opposed?"

Circe raises her hand.

Steve hands Circe the floor.

Circe says, "I have to work till 8 pm california time on Wednesdays so I couldn't make that but if you all want to go ahead with out me that's fine too but I woule like to help."

Ket says, "I can't either."

Steve says, "Tuesday better? Other ideas?"

Ket says, "Nope."

Circe says, "I work till 6pm PST."

Ket says, "It's 9am for me."

Circe says, "most nights."

Jam says, "How about weekends?"

Circe says, "Except Wednesday."

Jam says, "Like Sat or Sun?"

Circe says, "Weekends are great."

JayFitz says, "next Friday night or Saturday"

Ket says, "Yes weekends."

VJ raises her hand.

Steve hands VJ the floor.

Ket interupts, "Saturday would be better."

VJ says, "Friday 7 PM EST in slaa2 for scripts committee?"

Circe says, "can't make that VJ"

Jam says, "Sat 7pm EST?"

Circe says, "anytime sat or sun good for me"

Ket says, "yes."

Jay says, "Sat is best for me."

Circe says, "Yes"

Steve says, "i can't do saturday"

Susan growls.

Susan & Jameela laugh.

Steven sticks out his tongue.

Ket says, "Sunday?"

Steve says, "Earlier Saturday?"

Susan says, "Yes."

Steve says, "11am ET?"

Ket says, "What time?"

VJ says, "nope."

Steve says, "Sunday night?"

Susan says, "Sunday 4pm ET?"

Steve votes, "Yes".

Jay, Susan, Ket, Marabel, Jam and Toni vote yes.

In the room present are: Toni Ket Lynn Marabel Steve Susan Jam Jay jeri Joseph Vicki

Steve says, "Vicki?"

Ket says, "That's 6am Monday morning."

Vicki says, "Would rather have my family time but oh well."

Steve says, "Who's on the scripts committee?"

Ket says, "i am."

Susan votes no.

Jameela says, "VanAllan JoelR ket VJ Jayfitz Jameela Steve and Rob_Lynx."

Ket says, "yes"

Jameela says, "one sec i'll get the list"

Steve says, "And Toni, as co-chair, on all committees"

Ket says, "Great idea."

Jameela raises her hand.

Steve hands floor to Jam.

Jam says, " I was gonna ask since u just said toni is cochair is there like a leader for each commitee to coordinate stuff?"

Steve says, "yes, each committee would appoint a chair."

Jam says, "Oh, ok. joe-lf is on and danstone too"

Steve says, "can we establish the time via email?"

Jay raises his hand.

Steve continues, "and perhaps start some dialog via email prior to the meeting?" Then passes the floor to Jay.

Jay says, "real quick...i need to get to bed ... is there anything else that i need to hear before i go?"

Steve says, "I suggest we email committee members to figure out the meeting time perhaps suggesting 4pm sunday as a starting point."

Donatella seconds.

Steve motions to adjourn.

Ket repeats the earlier vote about the time on Sunday at 4pm.

Toni says, "I second that too."

Ket says, " i thought we had a meeting time"

Steve says, "Jameela, will you email all the committee members?"

Jam says, "Sure"

Steve says, "Thanks. We need a motion to adjourn."

Vicki motions to adjourn.

Lynn seconds the motion.

Steve says, "Let's close with the serenity prayer."

Steve recites the serenity prayer. All say Amen.

End of Business meeting.