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#SLAA Online Group Minutes of April 15, 2003

The meeting for the #SLAA Online Group began at 10:08 pm EDT.

Members Present for the meeting were: Cathy, Marabel, TimF=Tim, VJ=Vicki, Steve, touchstone=Gina, Osiyeza=Camille, willow=Valerie, kemosaubi=Michael, EF=Edwin, & Rudyj=Rudy.

Announcements were made by TimF:

We would like to welcome our new operators since 2/15/02, bringing us to 64 operators: motely=David (3/1); Steve (3/6); Cathy (3/22); and CharlieR (3/22).
One operator’s e-mail account is "bouncing" because of being full (Memlock=David). Four operators e-mail accounts are "bouncing" because they are no longer accurate (Aryeh, Dave, Jack, and Pony). If you see any of these operators, please let them know that they can e-mail with any updated information.
There are a number of upcoming SLAA conferences or retreats:
Fri-25-Apr-03 12-Step Weekend Retreat (3 days), Chester VT - 617-625-7961
Thu-01-May-03 Spring Convention (4 days), Ilbenstadt, Germany -
Fri-13-Jun-03 Annual SLAA Summer Retreat, Orillia, Ontario, Canada - 416-486-8201
Tue-08-Jul-03 2003 Annual Business Conference/Meeting (4 days), Dedham MA -
Fri-25-Jul-03 12-Step Weekend Retreat (3 days), Chester VT - 617-625-7961
Fri-05-Sep-03 Seattle SLAA 5th Annual Healing Retreat, Seattle WA - 206-583-0848
Fri-03-Oct-03 12-Step Weekend Retreat (3 days), Chester VT - 617-625-7961
Fri-10-Oct-03 2003 International Recovery Convention (3 days), Clearwater FL - 727-896-SLAA
Fri-19-Dec-03 12-Step Weekend Retreat (3 days), Chester VT - 617-625-7961
Please let us know of any we have missed. has the forms for the 7/8 ABC/M and the 10/10 Convention.
The SLAA-FWS Anorexia Committee is asking, "Does anorexia tie in with your sex and love addiction and how?" More information is posted at
The "Openletter Committee" was formed in January and currently includes Camille, Dave, Marabel and Steve. If anyone is interested, please e-mail to express an interest. This committee is open to anyone with a desire; you do not have to be an operator to join.
The "Speakers Committee" was formed in February and currently includes Carrie, Steve, Ubergoober=Glenn, and TimF. If anyone is interested, please e-mail to express an interest. This committee is open to anyone with a desire; you do not have to be an operator to join.
Old Business:

Approval of March Minutes -- Before the March minutes were approved, Steve pointed out that a correction needed to be made regarding there being two items labeled "H", with the latter being extraneous. The correction was duly noted, and Steve made a motion to approve the minutes, with Cathy seconding and TimF approving.

New Business:

The next item of business was finalizing the nomination procedures listed on the website. This item of business has three parts:

1. Approving the "tentative" election webpage -- TimF had stated that the new "tentative" webpage is much like the previous year’s, with two exceptions: The e-mail address to be used for voting is now instead of the Secretary’s private e-mail address, and also the list of operators with 6 months time has been updated to reflect current information (especially helpful in selecting a Chairperson and Co-Chairperson).

Cathy noted the need to correct "chairman" to "chairperson" on the site, and TimF said that he had already updated the "nominate.html" site to reflect the change. Tim then brought a motion to approve the page and the procedure, which was moved upon by Marabel and seconded by Osiyeza. There was no discussion before the vote, and the motion passed, with 7 yes, none opposing and one absention (three members arrived late).

2. Discussion of Temporary Webmaster/Secretary positions: The group discussed the possibility of finding replacements for the Webmaster and Secretary until elections were held. TimF notified the group that Dave (our Webmaster) is not connected to the Internet for an unspecified period of time, and that Leighia (our Secretary) has some outside conflicts. TimF opened the floor to suggestions as to how we should handle this situation according to Group Conscience.

Questions were brought up by Vicki as to Leighia’s availability, and Kemosaubi as to the difficulty of handling the minutes and the nomination/vote counts. TimF noted that he was unsure as to the exact state of her ability to access the Internet, and also that it was not difficult to handle the minutes, nomination and vote counts. TimF suggested that either the remaining officers, or a non-officer could handle these duties, but that he wanted the group’s input.

Marabel suggested that since this situation was something of an emergency, that if there was anyone who wanted to step up to either of these positions, the group could nominate and vote for someone during the current meeting.

Steve let the group know that he was willing, available and qualified to temporarily step in as Webmaster, and Marabel let the group know that she was willing to step in temporarily as Secretary. TimF expressed his confidence in both Steve and Marabel in being qualified for the positions, as Steve is already experienced in web matters, and Marabel is currently Secretary in SCA as well.

Tim suggested that the group move to vote in Steve and Marabel as temporary Webmaster and temporary Secretary, respectively. VJ made it a motion, Cathy seconded it, and there was no discussion before the vote. The motion passed with 7 Yes votes, none opposed and one abstention. One member had already left, and two came in after the voting was completed.

3. E-mail address for nominations/voting -- This was not an item that needed to be voted on, rather it was a discussion on how to handle receiving the nominations and votes, as to whether there should be a separate e-mail account, or whether the box should be used. Marabel said that she would prefer to continue with the slaaonline address in the interest of keeping things simple.

There was no further business. Marabel moved to adjourn, willow seconded, and we closed with the Serenity Prayer at 11:24 pm EDT.

Submitted by,
Marabel, Secretary Pro-Tem