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Minutes from meeting for business, December 15th 2002

Members Present for the meeting were: Tim, Leigha, Vicki, Lindaw, DaveH, Marabel, Ubergoober (Glenn), James2, Becky (hhope), Wishin (Val), TerryW, Ann_12,

Announcements were made by TimF. Piensalo is a new operator (12/5). Last January, Joy and TimF organized 7 evenings of Speaker Meetings to celebrate our six-year anniversary (1/30/96). They would like to see our group do something similar this January, and welcome volunteers to coordinate the planning or to share their experience, strength, and hope. There are a number of upcoming SLAA local events:

Fri-Sun 12/20-22 in Chester Vermont--"12 Step Weekend Retreat" contact Ted 617-625-7961 (intergroup phone line)
The 2003 Annual Business Meeting will be in July or August of 2003 in Boston MA.
The 2003 International Recovery Convention will be October 10-12, 2003 in St. Petersburg FL.
The minutes for October and November 2002 meetings were approved.

The first item of business: SLAA-FWS has one webpage about our group On 12/5, Ann from the SLAA-FWS Board Internet Committee emailed us to note "One of the things on our plate was to see if the #SLAA Online Intergroup would be interested in having its information listed on our website, aside from the special online meetings section (this page: Should we elect to list ourselves on this second webpage at SLAA-FWS? If so, should we (again) only list our email address, or should we finally list our website URL, too? Some intergroups list a physical address or an intergroup phone number. SLAA-FWS does not wish to publish members' phone numbers so we are left with 4 options...

1) do not add our listing to the Intergroup webpage

2) add our Group's name with email only (this would duplicate our other webpage at their site)

3) add our Group's name with our URL (the angelfire site)

4) add our Group's name with both email and URL

After discussion, a motion was made to add our Group's name with both email and URL (Option 4). This was made by Dave, seconded by Leigha and was passed with a unanimous vote.

Vicki brought to the attention of the group a few glitches or IRC bugs that display pornography when people sign on. It has been discussed with Itsy (IRC cop). Most of these IRC scripts will notably happen when...

1) the infected person first enters the room

2) the infected person exits the room

3) the infected person is in the room and someone else enters or leaves

It can be a public or private message, and the infected person *usually* does not know it is happening. It was advised that if you can catch them, please explain that they have a script virus... (this does not happen with Java users). With mIRC, they can type "/remote off" (without the quotation marks) to disable the problem until they get technical support on resolving it completely. A member has the right to report this to an operator. The infected person *might* be g-lined for typically 1 to 3 weeks, but once they have corrected the problem, they can email or to request the g-line be remove. Discussion of possible solutions continued. No resolution was made.

The meeting adjourned at 11:28(EST), December 15, 2002.

Submitted by,

Leigha, Secretary

Posted by,

Dave, Webmaster