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Minutes: Meeting for Business, September 15, 2002
Members present for the meeting were: Tim, Jonathan, Leighia, Jen, Nate, Marabel, Mike-M, Vicki (VJ), James2, BobW, Val (wishin), Salima, Daisy (Starzz), Becky (hhope), VanAllen, Mike-M, Jay (Jakester)

The meeting started at 10:30 EST on 9/15/ 02Announcements were made by TimF. Salima, Don (dkd) and David (Spiderman) are new operators. The schedule for ops was announced again with a request for service commitments for noon and 4:30 meetings for back-ups and all positions for Men’s meetings, and greeter backup needs for the women's meeting. A request has been made for a Saturday 4:30 meeting. Volunteers are needed. There have been increased complaints of cross-talk in the last few months. A formal step-study is being considered. If interested email Hazeldon is promoting a nw meditation book by M Beattie. For more information go to The list of books related to SLAA has been updated (300 titles). Visit if you are a slaa yahoo group member. 8900 visitors have visited our website. The idea of proxy vote was presented for future business meetings. A personal request was submitted on 6/11 for financial help. This is posted on the agenda.

The minutes of the 8/15/2002 meeting were approved.

A request for volunteers or opinions was made to aid in the “op-in” issue. Please see 7/15/02 minutes for more details.

Item of business: Pony wrote on 6/21 there is a major shortage of ops. A bot has been suggested to aid the room in running scripts and annnouncemnets when no operators are present. The new op schedule seems to have helped the situation. The two major concerns are anonymity (abuse by the informaion collected in the room) and funds to pay for a bot.

TimF shared on possible directions the #slaa group will take in the future. 1) redo the website from ground up (being worked on already and about 2/5 done) 2) consider proxy discussion and voting for business meetings 3) have a Forum Message Board(s) for sharing on a bulletin board like system between meetings... 4) purchase a URL (such as that points to our website (about $10/yr) and a member is willing to underwrite this. 5) have dedicated web server space. Item 5 is about $20/month

There was further discussion on recruiting more ops. The motion was made and seconded to not have a bot instead make announcements for more trusted servants. The items passed.

The next item on the agendum for the next meeting: changing the requirements tfor being an operator to include recovery time in #slaa. This would allow members to bevome familiar with the format and flow of meetings.

Marabel made an apology to the group. This brought a discussion as to if there are any exceptions to bans.

The meeting was closed with the Serenity Prayer at 11:54 EST 9/15/02.

Submitted by, Leigha, Secretary  Posted by, Dave, Webmaster