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Minutes for Members Meeting July 15, 2002

Members Present for the meeting were: Tim, Michelle, Dave, Jonathan, Leighia, Joy, Jen, DrgnLadyD, Nate, Marabel, Mike-M, Jewel, Vicki (VJ), Barbara (Babs), Donna (Maria), EF, Raihna

TimF gave the tentative agenda for the meeting. The minutes of the 6/15/2002 meeting were approved.

On the agenda was the topic "Reporting and Banning Procedures." TimF further clarified this. There are 5 parts to the request: 1) establish group conscience to desire a change in existing group conscience; 2) drafting new guidelines and procedures (perhaps in committee); 3) group conscience approving new guidelines and procedures; 4) posting to the website; and 5) training ALL operators on how to override bans. Tim F discovered shortly after 6/15, it is not possible to override bans temporarily.

First Item: Have a group conscience as to whether we should form new guidelines for discipline.

On 7/12 FWS was contacted and Tradition 4 was stated and that Tradition 2 should prevail. An unofficial consensus was reported. The floor was opened for discovery. Opinions were shared on ban procedures. The current policy on discipline was stated as being: 1) A report is made to an operator; 2) An inquiry is made; 3) If a party is found in violation, a warning is given for a first offense; 4) A second offense goes through the same process with a 30 day ban as penalty; 5) A third offense warrants a 90 day ban; 6) A fourth offense is brought to the officers and a consensus of a penalty is determined. It was brought to the attention of the group that there has been only one ban of more than 30 days in the past 4 years on #SLAA.

There was some interest in having 30 day bans only; that would be repeated as 30 day bans when subsequent occasions occurred. The offensive behavior was clarified by TimF, as being in general between members when they've come to know each other from our room and one member says, "I don't want this." and reports a problem to an operator. Our room has generally considered private messages and unsolicited emails as part of our behavior guidelines in the past.

The discussion was based on room safety and the traditions. A vote was made to see who would like to see a change to our stated behavior guidelines as posted on our website. Group conscience determined that the guidelines would remain.

The next item was on qualifications for officers. Currently a member of #SLAA can become an operator with 30 days of recovery time (not sobriety time). The floor was opened for discussion. Concerns ranged from impressions that newcomers have when an op is toxic, familiarity with how the room works, and commitment to the meetings. A motion was made that ops have a self-defined sobriety time of 30 days initially to become ops. It was seconded and passed.

The last item on the table was to consider whether all ops should op-in during meetings. The discussion focused on the perceptions of newcomers and the flow of meetings. It was posed that some members may find the list of ops a segregating factor while others may see it as very helpful. A possible solution was that ops would not "op-in" (other than leader and greeter for that meeting), but would use another symbol with their name to identify themselves. Another possibility was a list of ops being put in the opening scripts or a show of hands at the beginning of a meeting. Determination of who is leading and greeting has been an issue. The last concern deals with voicing a newcomer. The scripts only auto-voice if op-ed in. Messages would need to be sent to the greeter if another op recognizes them. Names can be added to auto-voice without being an operator. A motion was made that only the leader and greeter op-in with the others indicating they are ops in some other fashion. It was seconded but did not carry. The vote was 6 for and 4 against. 2 did not vote. The item will be discussed at a later time for clarification.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:56am (EDT) on July 15, 2002.

Submitted by,

Leigha, Secretary