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Minutes for Members Meeting December 15, 2001

Members Present: Rick B., Tim F., Carriesmar, debbi, diane, Gail, HHope, Jack, James2, Jen, Jonathon, Munjoymam, PeteC, RobZ, TxChuck, Van Allen, VJ and wan01.

The meeting was called to order at 10:11 PM ET. Because of RickB's busy schedule which will be less hectic soon, VJ volunteered to chair in his absence.

TimF made the motion to approve the minutes from November 15, 2001 and RobZ seconded this motion. The minutes were approved by vote.

Old Business:

Much discussion was held at the beginning of the meeting regarding bans. The need for offending and offended parties to voice their sides was discussed. Tim F posted that the current procedure is that any operator may ban a person for 7 days and email the officers of the situation. The officers (2 minimum) may then do: 1) a warning; 2) a 30-day ban if 2nd offense; 3) a 90-day ban if 3rd offense; 4) a 90 day band if 4th or later offense however, it has 'tended' to be procedure to have the offending and offended parties discuss the situation with at least 2 officers present to make sure that the wrong-doing really occurred. But this isn't official procedure .It is requested that this become part of the policy. A few ideas were mentioned from members about the accusing party submitting a written statement detailing their side, which the accused can respond to, and the officers then have both sides when making their decision. Another point brought up is to give advance warning notice of 48-72 hours notice for any private discussions. Because of the length of this discussion Tim F. recommended tabling this until next month's meeting. This was seconded by Munjoymam.

Progress was reported by Tim F on auditing the emails addresses of operators. Chuck and/or Tim will audit the CStar masks for the operators .

Many members of our online room would like to have our own message board and/or email group. Tim F thought some investigation of the options and resources would be in order and this be placed before an interested sub-committee. Because of lack of discussion Tim F recommended tabling this until the next meeting. VJ seconded this motion.

The paid website issue has been tabled until March 15,2001 with the motion made by Tim F and seconded by VanAllen.

The idea of Topic Meetings were discussed. VanAllen requested having OP's suggest a topic. VanAllen requested Step Meetings. So Tim F made two motions.

1) To encourage people to provide step shares occasionally (not only step 1 shares) by prearranging times with operators and with the permission of their sponsor.

2) To allow a meeting leader to select a topic of group interest occasionally in place of the regular topic.

Hhope seconded both of these motions. These motions were voted on and passed.

The agenda item of either keeping the business meeting at its current time and place or moving it to after the regular meeting on the 15th was brought up. A motion was made by Tim F for the business meeting to continue running concurrently with regular meetings on the 15th of each month for 90 minutes. The motion was seconded by VJ and passed by vote.

It has become a necessity to redo the operators schedule because it seems to be obsolete. Tim F would like to have emails made to all operators to redo the 2002 schedule. Tim would like each OP to take on one or two commitments and then fulfill them. It was brought up by Myra that if someone can't meet an obligation to find a substitute. No motion was necessary for this subject.

A Women's Meeting has been requested on Monday and Saturday evenings at 7:00 PM ET. It is required that this meeting will need at least 3 OP's for service commitment. The requirements should be continuous meetings and a short report be made on attendance at meetings including dates no meeting was held. This would make the meeting official. Nothing stops unofficial meetings.

The meeting was closed by TimF with the Serenity Prayer.

Submitted by VJ, secretary