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Minutes for Members Meeting November 15, 2001

Present: RickB, TimF, Jonathon, Munjoymam, Rusty7067, jet_fighte, Jenel and VJ.

Old Business
Approval of Minutes: Tim motioned to approve the minutes of 9/15/01 and 10/15/01. The motions were seconded by VJ, voted on and passed.

Additional policy on banning procedure: Tim F recommended to address at the December 15th meeting that an offending party have a chance to address their complaint with the offended party(ies). The current policies are documented on the web site. Discussion followed with VJ agreeing with this idea. Tim explained that currently when a ban occurs the chairperson emails the member if their email address is known or tries to catch them online. At the discussion between the concerned parties at least one officer (preferably 2) and several Ops might be present. Ron brought up that some people might not want to post a complaint if they had to face the offending party. Tim brought up the fact that there are 3 sides to every story and with only one side there it is hard to discern the truth. The issue was then tabled until the next meeting by vote.

Auditing operator's emails and masks. Tim recommended tabling this issue until the next business meeting. Tim then had to tell the group what was meant by this motion afterwards VJ seconded the motion. It was voted on to table this and passed.

New Business
Verify Aussie/Kiwi meeting: The meeting has been moved to Sundays instead of Fridays. Paul had recommended the meeting be moved and Tim suggested that we list it on the header for a limited time like 2 months, add the meeting correction to our website and email FWS website. Tim then made a motion to have Cstar announce this meeting time for the next 60-90 days and for Tim to follow up with correcting information at our website and FWS website. Barb then made a motion to accept the announcement as read and support the time change. Tim seconded this motion. The motion was then voted on and passed.

Paid Website: This was suggested to be tabled again by Tim. Barb made the motion to table and VJ seconded. The motion was voted on and passed to table the vote of the paid website.

Newcomer scripts: Tim opened this discussion by telling all that only 4 members (PeteC, George, Tim F and VJ) had been dialoguing about this. VJ then went on to say about a meeting that had been set up but only her and PeteC showed up at it and was discouraged. Tim said that he thought it was an important issue and it should remain alive. That the thought of moving it to a subcommittee instead of tabling the issue in the business meeting might be recommended. Tim then recommended to contact the interested parties and run dialogue. Barb then made a motion that we send this to a subcommittee; VJ seconded that motion; it was voted on and passed.

Ban removal: There is currently one ban in place on the #SLAA Online which was for 90 days and is scheduled for removal per chairperson after Thursday 11/29 meeting ends. VJ motioned to remove the ban at the scheduled time. Tim seconded this motion. It was voted on and passed.

Tim F stated that any other business brought up would be put on old business for next months meeting by default.

Tim moved to close the meeting with VJ seconding this motion.

The meeting was closed at 11:30pm ET with the Serenity Prayer.

Submitted by VJ, Secretary