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Minutes for Members meeting July 15, 2001

Ops in attendance: RickB, TxChuck, TimF, Sassy
Non ops in attendance: georgew, goldenI, hhope, Leighia, Munjoymam, Sarahb

RickB opened the meeting at 11:10 pm.
RickB noted that GSOT [George's School of Typing] will be discontinued and we will now have RSOTAS [Rick's School of Typing and Spelling]. A number of members laughed.

TimF made brief introductions since we have new officers: RickB is the Chairperson. TxChuck is the Co-Chairperson. TimF is the Webmaster. Sassy(Jenel) is the Co-Webmaster. VJ, absent, is the Secretary. GoldenI(Van) is on the Speakers' Committee. Georgew, hhope(Rebecca), Leighia, Mumjoymam(Barb), and Sarahb are members.

RickB asked that we keep Ellyssa in our thoughts and prayers, as her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer.

RickB suggested that the first item of discussion was our meeting schedule and those assigned to chair, watch the door, and backup. We need a Tuesday evening chair. The Noon meetings are the most in need of chair volunteers -- Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are open for sure. Hhope volunteered, unsure if she was qualified. It was pointed our that the only requirement for OP's is one month in recovery (not sobriety, but recovery time). Hhope, having over three months, qualifies.

RickB moved to add hhope as an op.
Mumjoymam seconded.
7 members voted in favor and 3 members abstained.
Hhope will be added as an OP. She should forward her email address to RickB for the scripts. She volunteered for Tuesday and Thursday.

TimF suggested that given attendance here, we could make a small script/popup to play at the regular meetings letting people know that we need leaders at the Noon meetings.
Chuck so moved.
TimF seconded.
7 members voted in favor and 2 members abstained.
TimF volunteered to creat a small popup and email it to RickB to forward to OP's.

RickB asked for the background of the requirements for the five officer positions.

Be responsible for #SLAA channel to follow server rules
Serve on all committees
Lead committee to develop policy and guidelines for channel
Finalize any scheduling conflicts with OP's
Lead committee in determining conflicts over restriction/bans applied for inappropriate behavior when an incident is not clear or not covered in the guidelines
Lead a review committee when a claim of unfair treatment occurs
Becomes 500 level OP minimum (owner)
One year of recovery is suggested

Perform all functions of Chairperson in his/her absence
Serve on all committees with Chairperson
Assist Chairperson as requested
Becomes 499 level OP minimum (co-owner)
One year of recovery time is suggested

Be responsible for minutes of all Member Meetings
Serve on all committees
Maintain Policy & Guidelines and distribute to new members
Becomes 450 level OP minimum
Three months of recovery is suggested

Webmaster and Co-Webmaster
Maintain #SLAA website
Be responsible for keeping notice of #SLAA meetings and website URL posted and accurate in other recovery site links
Assist in #SLAA channel technical needs
Becomes 400 level OP minimum
Ability and technical knowledge to manage and modify #SLAA website required
Three months of recovery is suggested

RickB asked if there was any business that should not wait for the next meeting.
TimF noted that the Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, and Co-Webmaster have the proper OP levels assigned; however, VJ needs level 450 and TimF needs 400 (450 preferred). Also GeorgeW, Amy, and Maxine need to be reduced to level 100.
RickB made a note of that and asked if anyone is opposed to GeorgeW (former Chairperson) being retained at level 450 so we have a backup high-level op. Discussion followed with TxChuck in favor. TimF commenting that he would not oppose it if a certain number of months was established for transitional purposes. Group conscience voted for the current officers and the bylaws state what level various officers should have (with non-officers having level 100) so he feels that this could open questions about our organizational structure. RickB countered that his concern is our need for willing, reliable OPs and volunteers.
This item was tabled at the suggestion of RickB and TimF until the following meeting.

RickB asked if any items should be included on the agendum for next meeting.
TimF noted that many months ago we changed the meeting time for the Members' Meetings to be "in place of the regular meeting" instead of after it like tonight. We should decide on when our next meeting will take place in August. RickB suggested an email poll.
TimF so moved for a poll.
TxChuck seconded.
6 members voted in favor and 2 members abstained.

TimF volunteered to create the minutes for this meeting in VJ's absence.

The meeting was closed at 12:05 am.